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Thread: Custom Model Update

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    Default Custom Model Update

    CA has attempted to update the assembly kit to allow us to pass models through BoB.

    I cant quite get it to work.

    Passing my custom model through BoB passes green, however when pointed to In game, it is invisible.

    Passing the example CaoCao file through BoB results in a fail

    CaoCaos materials are all messed up, and its probably not even worth assigning them because Ive noticed the way to add the "weight_material_default" string has changed , and I have no idea how to reproduce whats on the Cao Cao model

    To be clear the old way was :
    Animation-->ParameterEditor-->AddtoType->Selected Objects Material->ParameterType String->Name"Rigid_material"-->Testing Attribute-->"Default"
    If I remember correctly.

    I think this among a few other things have changed.
    There is also some export_node_cao_cao_body which i have no idea what its for.
    Maybe CA will give us some information (doubtful) or some other 3ds max artist can figure this out.
    Im stumped for now.

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    Default Re: Custom Model Update

    Havie, I saw a comment you made on one of DK's mods on the workshop:
    In the comment, you linked to two pictures, the first of which showed a problem with the rigging:
    However, it showed that the models were visible in-game!

    How did you manage to overcome the missing textures glitch with BoB? No matter what I've tried, the textures come out completely black (sometimes with a few dotted lines of color here or there depending on the settings I use) and the models are completely invisible in the assembly kit. I cant figure out how to prevent that. Hopefully it wasn't visible by just causing the model to use another model's texture, as that thought just crossed my mind. That isn't optimal.

    In that picture, it also looks like the helmet works as intended, with regards to the rigging. It only seems like the torso is the problem. If that is the case, then I could at least add some custom heads and hair to the game to make the unique characters more unique.

    I'll take any help I can get, really!

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    Default Re: Custom Model Update

    Hey Gerber,
    I finally got my custom model in and working today.
    I will post a guide soon with everything i know
    (theres a ton of issues with 3ks AK)

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    TW Arena Campaign Generals (R2)
    Achilles (2018) mod

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    Default Re: Custom Model Update

    Yes! Congrats, man! Thanks for the guide, too. I'm excited to see what modders add into the game.

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