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Thread: Error CA_LIBS, changing launch options not working

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    Icon5 Error CA_LIBS, changing launch options not working

    EDIT: I just noticed something else that is likely very important! I cannot launch Kingdoms at all, and am given an error saying that Steam failed to install Kingdoms due to an invalid app configuration. I think that this is probably the root of my problem! Does anyone have any ideas why it wouldn't have installed Kingdoms? And will I need to reinstall EBII if I do manage to correctly install Kingdoms?


    When I try to start EBII the launcher for steam, the CA_LIBS error pops up immediately saying M2:TW has encountered a fatal error and must exit. I did find the recommendation to go Set launch options in Steam and delete "--features.mod=mods/EBII". However, after I did this, the launcher will start M2:TW instead of EBII. I do not have any other mods installed, and both games are installed outside Program Files. Are there any other possible causes I could look into for this issue?

    For the record, about month ago I posted a thread about another issue I had with installing EBII, which was related to not being able to find Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 SP1 Redistributable Package (x64). However, I ended up pressing ahead anyways, and I doubt that these two issues are related.

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    Default Re: Error CA_LIBS, changing launch options not working

    I recommend you to install it all over again and to try again. If it does not work, you can always try the option to rename the EBII mod folder to one of the Kingdoms campaigns, like crusades and then launch the campaign on steam.

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