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Flynn has defended Lynn several times in the past and he continues in this direction even if they do not share the same view. However someone like Lynn is really obsessed with this question and sometimes it really looks like a confirmation bias.
When it comes to personal motivations, Flynn supposedly knows Richard Lynn well, I don't. When it comes to Lynn's work, I have a fair amount of criticism.

For example, a comment from a previous thread:

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Lynn and Vanhanen's estimate of Ethiopia's average IQ is probably inaccurate. They used a convenience sample of 14-15 year-olds who grew up in a refugee camp. This is obviously not a representative sample. In Western countries, heritability of adult IQ is ~80%, whereas mid-childhood heritability is only about ~40%. Childhood iodine deficiency can lower IQ as much as 13 points; 80% of Ethiopians are iodine deficient. One would assume this would be worse for children raised in a refugee camp.