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Thread: Iron Age: Rise of Rome

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    Iron Age Total war: Rise of Rome is a newly born project based on total warís Rome II sixth standalone campaign pack, Rise of the Republic.

    The campaign takes place in the Italian peninsula during the Early Iron Age, from 753 b.C, the most known date given for the foundation of Rome, to 509 b.C, with the beginning of the Roman Republic and Iím currently looking for a community of modders able to create startpos, technologies and models.

    The aim of the campaign is to recreate a realistic setting, reflecting the changes during the centuries during the late villanovn period, starting with aristocratic and tribal societies are still living primarily in wooden and stone citadels, following the enhancement of technology during the course of the VI century, in which, affected by the Hellenic culture, cities are built almost exclusively with stone. Late Villanovan cultures and populations, also play an important role in this scenario: located in present-day Tuscany, Campania and in the Northern Apennine area are Etruscan citadels, in modern Latium the Latins, the Romans and their legendary King Romolus. At first, the only Greeks tribes are the Euboeans of the island Pittecusai, later new playable Greeks factions will be added in the rest of the Italian peninsula; the isles are occupied by the Elymians (Carthaginianís client state), the Sicanians and the Sicels in modern-day Sicily, and Nuragic and Ligurian settlement in Corsica.

    If you want more information about this project and to ask any questions you can find me on Discord: mardukammon#2163, or join in the community discord channel:

    Thank you so much for your time, stay tuned!

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    Default Re: Iron Age: Rise of Rome

    Glad to see you here in TWC, MardukAmmon.
    Best wishes for your work and please keep updated the TWC thread too, thx!

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    Default Re: Iron Age: Rise of Rome

    Looking forward to the previews

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    Default Re: Iron Age: Rise of Rome

    Really thanks for the support!

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    Default Re: Iron Age: Rise of Rome

    Great mod idea!

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    Really thanks for the support! You are welcome if you want to join in the group mebers!

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