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Thread: grain imports and re appearing faction bug?

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    Default grain imports and re appearing faction bug?

    I am in turn 126/127 of a campaign as kimmerios bosporos and i am loving it!! this is the first time i have had time to play EB2 in a year and it is better than i remembered it to be.
    I haven't had any issues with bugs or anything but I ended my turn on turn 126 and on turn 127 i see that pontos has re appeared as a faction. An announcment appears saying that the people of amaseia have thrown off the yoke but i still hold it. I took Amaseia(their last settlement) maybe 5 turns ago. Amaseia was having public order issues but I managed to prevent it from revolting and just recruited a local governor. a full pontic stack spawned next to it lead by a king. What seems weird to me is that one of my camps in the north (iwzagtai zaktae) seems to have revolted to Pontos? I had absolutely no public order issues there and pontos never came close to that part of the map before they were eliminated. I feel like amaseia was supposed to go back to pontos (which would be a cool mechanic/scrpit and definitely add to my campaign) not iwzagtai zaktae. also, i am not automatically at war with them which seems kinda weird seeing as i literally exterminated their royal family

    My second and more concerning issue is that on this same turn (127) all of my settlements, they seem to be receving grain imports and have crazy high population growth (like 5.5%), law at 80% and public order at around 255%, wtf is happening?? I used my spy and it only seems to be occuring in settlements I control and Ankyra which is owned by pergamum is in the same boat. I took screenshots but don't know where to find them in my computer so i took some pictures on my phone which I will attempt to upload. I ended my turn to see what would happen and my settlements and Ankyra reverted back to normal.

    are the 2 occurrences related?

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    Default Re: grain imports and re appearing faction bug?

    Unfortunately, both are related and known occurrences. They're both the mis-firing of the faction re-emergence script. It's been reworked (and simplified) in the patch, but ultimately it doesn't work entirely as intended.

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    Default Re: grain imports and re appearing faction bug?

    Thanks for the quick response.

    Ahh, okay. Under the faction re emergence script is pontos supposed to have amaseia when it re appears? i might take my army out and gift the region back to them if that is the case

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