So, after having trouble with inconsistent Atimia and certain trait lines not being mentioned in the manual (like the priestly one for the Getai), I decided that if I want some answers (to hopefully share with the rest of the community), I will need to pop up the hood and take a look at the inner workings. Sadly, despite export_descr_character_traits containing some useful information, it doesn't actually show what actions build up the points in order to acquire the traits, just the threshold (which, I presume, means how many points you need to level up to a trait), and export_vnvs, while handy for containing in-game description for quite a few traits, is not nearly comprehensive enough to be of much help with the factions that are actually giving me trouble.

So, what exactly do I need to do to get to the actual traits file? And is it even readable for someone who is not a modder/coder?