Plenty of factions have traits that ruin characters. Most require you to actively fail in some way, like Defeated Kingetos and Disgraced (Carthage). Atimia, though, seems to leave much less control for the player. In fact, a considerable portion of my starting FMs in a KH campaign tend to go Atimia. I have been trying to make sure my raised characters get as many good traits as possible, while having a good education (which can be problematic, of course, as most stages of life require a character to spend as much time outside a settlement as possible, which does not help at all to get educated), however, it seems that sometimes, it will happen, regardless of what I do.

So, how do you guys deal with these Atimia characters? The trait is bad but it won't always ruin a governor (although, arguably, the character had to be a governor in order to get the trait). Alternatively, I could get the character killed, taking him to battle and using him in pitched fights, but that isn't always practical. I also could try to get him deserted, leaving him in some backwater (Patmos is always a good candidate, but I think the odds are better if I leave him in some Eleuteroi land). That could help me by opening a new adoption slot.

Finally, what do you guys do to avoid getting the trait altogether?