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Thread: Custom 3d model conversion process problem

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    Icon3 Custom 3d model conversion process problem

    Good day!

    I have been trying to get a custom made model ingame following a few scattered tutorials I have been able to find (videos mainly). However they all show how to get shields (aka nothing rigged..), and I want to add a custom head for a tomb kings hero.

    I have been modeling with Blender, so I have had to export to 3dsmax to be able to use the plugin to export from 3dsmax to .cs2 format.

    Well, after a weekend of tearing my hair out and trial&error, I have been able to manage to export the .cs2 file from 3dsmax. I then opened it with BOB and converted it with its textures to rigid_model_v2 format, and it gave me no errors! yay!

    Alas, when I open it up ingame, my poor hero unit, regardless of his obvious enthusiasm, is missing his head.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I WILL ADD, because I think it may be relevant, that my exported .cs2 file from max weighs 3,5mb. When I convert it to rigid_model_v2 with BOB, the exported file weighs just 1kb... weird no?

    The .wsmodel file and descriptions should be fine, because I replaced a working necrotect head with my files, same name, same placement...

    So, my question is, is there anyone that knows how to get custom models ingame that could help me out with this conversion part of the process? I know there is a bit of hesitation regarding getting models ingame, because of the EULA etc... But rest assured I don't want to get legolas' bow or Sauron's helmet ingame! Just my own amateurish models

    Thanks for your time

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    Default Re: Custom 3d model conversion process problem

    I'm afraid there are only a handfull of modders who know how to do that, and probably none from this forum.

    Most modders just do some kitbashing with existing models.

    Edit: I've seen that you asked the same question on the discord, that's probably where you have the most chances to get an answer.
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    Default Re: Custom 3d model conversion process problem

    Hello again Steph! You solved some problems I had some time ago

    Well it is a shame I must say. I have posted my questions on C&C Modding Den discord, but no luck so far. Either people have too much going on, or the modders you mention with that kind of knowledge are hiding somewhere!

    Anyways, won't give up just yet, so if anyone reads this and can give a hand, I'd be very grateful


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