Unreal Total Rebalance is a mod series that fundamentally changes many aspects of how combat and the campaign plays out. It attempts to combine realism with arcady magic for which TW is known for.

The features for Unreal are the following:

- Armour now matters a lot more then in vanilla, affecting unit speed for infantry, costs, build speed, and HP, etc.
- Morale is more than just for routing, affecting units def skill, attack, and charge. It also depends on the morale type, so that type matters more (the more professional the better). It also effects the build speed and costs of a unit.
- Unit size dependent on a lot of factors. Unit armour, weapon, armour, how much morale and their morale type, mount, etc.
- Somewhat asymmetrical balancing. Effectiveness vs mounts depends on weapon, so knives and axes do poorly vs cav, but gain bonuses vs elephants. Cavalry is generally effective vs other cavalry, even many missile units and jav cav units can be good light cav in a pinch.
- Shield values represent coverage and unit's skill with a shield. Much like armour, this effectives a units costs and upkeep.
- Bug fixes
- Many new units for ahistorical roleplay or to bring in uniqueness to many factions roster. Many of them are upgraded variants of M2TW units.

This is a WIP.