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Thread: Modding WITHOUT a Mod Manager?

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    Default Modding WITHOUT a Mod Manager?

    For my own reasons, I've a desire to try modding my game low-tech by just dropping my mods into the Data folder. Totally bypassing using any mod manager.

    I've done it before with other titles in the past, but I never nailed down the science of it.

    I've read elsewhere that you don't even need a user.script.txt if you mod file is in movie format. Sounds easy; I like that.

    But how does that work, exactly?
    Would multiple movie format mods be trying to run simultaneously?
    Could that be mitigated through prefixing the mod names alphabetically?

    You'd think that there would be a detailed resource about such low-tech modding techniques, but all I can find thus far are fragmented tips and rumours.

    IF anyone here knows where to look for a concise tutorial (perhaps buried in one of the several PFM 'how to' threads) please point me there.

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    Default Re: Modding WITHOUT a Mod Manager?

    For Warhammer right? You still need at least the launcher to activate or disable mods after you but them in the data folder. You dpn't need an external mod managers

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