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Thread: Details on how combat works?

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    Default Details on how combat works?

    Is there guide or document that details how combat exactly works (STW and/or MTW). I understand each unit has the following stats,

    Charge, attack, defense, amour, speed, and moral.

    But is there a calculation on how STW makes checks, is there any randomness?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Details on how combat works?

    I actually found the answer to this question. I had ordered the Prima strategy guide for STW and it finally arrived. It actually has a detailed section on how combat works.

    I can post all the details in anyone is interested and the guide doesn't get super gritty in the details but says the following.

    Melee is calculated on a man to man basis. Each man makes one cycle but can be attacked many times at once. The game calculates the attack - defense for each soldier then adds and subtracts additional factors such as honor, fatigue, terrain, flanking, formations, etc. Every factor has a positive or negative number. This number determines of the attacker kills or pushes back the defender.

    Then, it says each factor increase in this final value gives a 20 percent increase to the chance of killing the defender. I'm not entirely sure what the means. I assume that means if you end up with +5 on a unit you will kill a model each attack unless it caps.

    Not as detailed as I wish but at least gives me a good idea on how melee combat works.

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