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    First off, it was very fun and smooth, so I am going to start off by stating I don't need help particularly on the strategic military planning. After a first probing campaign, I realized that controlling Sicily is not optional. Both Syracuse and Messina will occasionally spawn 12 strong armies led by generals that will try to take your province down, which is a very important province, as it is one of the few that allow for Council Administration, boosting your colonization efforts that are vital before the Barcid reforms. Syracuse is easy enough to deal with and a very profitable city to top off, but Messina, besides being a backwater, will cause war with the Romans. I was very afraid of that at first, but as I managed to reduce the republic to Rome + 1 other province up north before the turn 35 mark by competent use of manual battles, I will not worry too much about the Romans in the future. So that's not the issue.

    The issue is, education in the capital, and the offices. Usually, I just plop all my teaching structures in the capital and send all my youth there. Not only they will be educated, by sharing court with the FL, their loyalty will improve. Carthage, though, has an issue. The offices can be extremely handy, giving lots of law and +tax bonuses for, presumably, as long as the generals can keep them. The manual seem to imply they keep the offices until they show incompetence (being defeated with military offices) or lose influence (bad for lenient governors, but what to do). Problem is, when I have 10+ sub 27 kids studying in the capital, the offices keep jumping between them all the time and not staying with my governors elsewhere that can actually make something good out of it. So I am planning to actually build up the learning structure in Atig and leave my noobs there. That would eliminate considerably the numbers in Carthage.

    Now with learning out of the way, Carthage will just have to be visited to grab offices (specially in times of war for extra generals), acquire citizenship, and possibly, level up the council position. I wonder if this will allow my governos to actually keep their useful titles. Any thoughts?

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    The amount of offices is not limited, so they are probably losing the offices for a different reason. According to guide, "characters in elections have a good chance of retaining their current office" so they might actually just expire. You can see it if you play as Rome - you will easily have more than 2 consuls at the same time if you try.

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    Most civic offices have a term of 1 year (4 terms) and they require the FM to stand for election in Carthage. You can only positively affect your nearest regions. Provincial governor trait is permanent as long as the FM is in the province - maybe it should get more bonuses in the next version.

    Army command offices last until peace is declared.

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