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Thread: SURPRISED; WHY is 3K forums so DEAD relative to other TW titles?

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    My thoughts are because even though the game isn't bad, it doesn't nearly excel at things that make traditional total war fun. Shogun 2 was smaller in scope with less features but tactically it has battles that can make you feel like your strategy and tactical decisions have made a difference. Newer total wars continue to stray further from this point as evidenced by the now flagship total war title Warhammer. With those games as long as you bring the best unit and bring it in numbers you will win. in three kingdoms it tried to split the lines between warhammer type gameplay and 'records' i feel that was a mistake they should have chose a style for the game. Eventually they moved towards romance which might be the best for that series, however i feel like if they will go romance they need to change a few things and make the game more character based with events and creating a sub-faction system in the faction ala CK2 with more intrigue etc.
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