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Thread: Climate/terrain impact on the units' stamina and stats

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    Default Climate/terrain impact on the units' stamina and stats

    I think the EBII forum has become a bit sedated recently, so I'd dare to pose a question that I've made in the past in the other forae, and never got a firm answer. Maybe somebody in this forum knows it:

    [A] Do we know how much impact does the loss of stamina on the performance of the units have? (in my notes I've got: Tired: -2 attack; Very Tired: -3 attack, -1 defence, Exhausted: -4 attack, -2 defence, Totally Exhausted: -6 attack, -3 defence. I'd like to know if this is the common wisdom: 1) impact is not in %% but in values (this mechanism impacts weak units much more than strong ones; 2. no impact on morale, right?

    [B] Do the "heat" parameters impact on other things than the speed of losing stamina? (eg. speed of gaining stamina? morale?)

    [C] Do we know if and what types of terrain impact on the speed of regaining stamina? (eg. is staying in the woods better than in the open?)

    [D] What is the impact of terrain coefficients? Eg. if a unit has "Snow -3", what does it exactly lower: Attack value? Defence? Morale? Stamina?

    Anybody knows?
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