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Thread: Massalyan Ally Military Service issue

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    Default Massalyan Ally Military Service issue

    The system seems to be working fairly well for Massyli (and presumably, the Masaesyli, although I never had the chance to test them), but that's not the issue. The issue is that the trait for Allied Service appears to all generals under 30 regardless of their ethnicity. Greeks, Carthaginans, whatever factional ethnicity (luckily Clients seem to be excepted). As they don't have a settlement to embark for the mercenary adventure (at least as far as it is listed on the trait that I can see in-game), it serves no purpose.

    Also, as a little aside, the Tribal Unrest trait is fairly pointless in my opinion. The Massyli can't govern rule the one Masaesyli settlement without incurring the trait, which results in +2 Unrest, and the Masaesyli can't govern the two Massyli settlements, without the same happening. Now that would be interesting if only these respective tribes could govern these respective settlements, but that's not the case at all. I can go the entire campaign without having to recruit a single Masaesyli general, because I can just send a Greek, Carthaginan or any other Numidae ethnicity to rule the place. And if there was a system of tribal migration demanding an ethnicity to rule the settlement (like a mix between the Parthian and the Swebian system) it would be interesting, or even scripts for rebellions if the wrong ethnicity is ruling. But as it is, it is a very petty and pointless system, which gives the faction as a whole a half-baked feeling.

    Edit: Correction, clients are getting it too, even Iberians.
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