A pretty interesting article in regards to discussion on the extent of lockdown and its effects in UK, although some points apply in Western nations across the board.
While coronavirus is already a dangerous disease itself, this pandemic may have revealed long-existing symptoms of a far bigger problem, which is the "let them eat cake" mentality of the Western elites. Having rich media personalities demand complete lockdown and arrests of people who dare leave their premises to walk in the park is certainly not helping. Of course, it is easy to clutch at the pearls and justify de-facto house arrest for everyone if you live in a mansion with an army of servants and own acres of land, but for average folks stuck in small apartments and condos this may not be as easy neither physically nor mentally. Combined with economic crisis, we may have a perfect sociopolitical storm brewing in the very near future.
French nobility in 1770s most likely had no idea that they'd have to run for their lives or end up guillotined in a very near future. Perhaps media personalities, celebrities, bankers, high-ranking politicians and other cosmopolitan elites need to realize that scoffing at the needs of majority of population isn't a wise idea, as history has shown us time and time again.
With that in mind, perhaps more "surgical" approach, where only most vulnerable segments of population should be subjected to quarantine is better.