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Thread: Editing food surplus tiers

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    Default Editing food surplus tiers

    Can anyone please help with, how I can create more tiers for food surplus than the current 5 in the game? I know how to edit the effects of each tier, but I canīt find where I create new ones, and set what triggers each tier.

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    Default Re: Editing food surplus tiers

    EDIT: nvm - I see what you mean now...

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    Default Re: Editing food surplus tiers

    It seems possible

    I used rPFM (not PFM)
    and found:

    Under EffectBundles

    Then global searched that key to find 4 occrances, the most important is the link to db\campaign_group_pooled_resource_effects_tables\data__

    the entry:
    3k_main_campaign_group_food_easy_surplus_tier_5 ABSOLUTE_VALUE 3k_main_effect_bundle_food_easy_surplus_tier_5

    leads to the key:

    Which leads to :

    with the key:

    Which leads to :

    3k_main_campaign_group_member_food_easy_shortage_tier_1 -1 -5 value
    3k_main_campaign_group_member_food_easy_shortage_tier_2 -6 -15 value
    3k_main_campaign_group_member_food_easy_shortage_tier_3 -16 -30 value
    3k_main_campaign_group_member_food_easy_shortage_tier_4 -31 -50 value
    3k_main_campaign_group_member_food_easy_shortage_tier_5 -51 -2147483647 value
    3k_main_campaign_group_member_food_easy_surplus_tier_1 5 1 value
    3k_main_campaign_group_member_food_easy_surplus_tier_2 15 6 value
    3k_main_campaign_group_member_food_easy_surplus_tier_3 30 16 value
    3k_main_campaign_group_member_food_easy_surplus_tier_4 50 31 value
    3k_main_campaign_group_member_food_easy_surplus_tier_5 2147483647 51 value

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    Default Re: Editing food surplus tiers

    This was something I thought about doing for awhile now,
    never got to it.

    But since you had me look into it, I decided to finally make a mod. You might be interested:

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