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Thread: Bose's assassination and Mujibnagar uprising

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    Default Bose's assassination and Mujibnagar uprising

    Assassination attempt on Rashtrapati Bose

    Breaking news from Patna! Last night, as he was about to attend a Female worker's unity program near the Mahavir Mandir in central Patna, President Subhash Chandra Bose was critically shot by an unknown assailant in the stomach. The suspect then proceeded to attempt an escape from the scene but when confronted on all sides by policemen, she blew herself up with a small bomb that she carried on her person and as a result her identity remains a mystery.

    The event was meant to be an awards ceremony for female workers who had made outstanding contributions to the country and the President had managed to take out some time from his busy schedule for the same. Patna had been bedecked like a bride for his welcome and people thronged the streets to greet him when he finally arrived at the grounds near Mahavir Mandir by 7pm.
    After getting out of his car, the president's entourage was surrounded by a huge throng of supporters and party-workers and despite his bodyguard's pleas, the President insisted that they be allowed to get dangerously near him. It was during this course that the assailant pressed a type 26 revolver against his stomach and fired the shots.

    Following this horrific event, Bose was taken to the nearby Patna intensive care hospital and there the battle between life and death ensues.........

    1)Who will carry on Bose's pyre?(Bose dies)
    2)Good news! He seems to be recovering slowly(Bose survives)
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    Mujibnagar Uprising

    A group of Socialist rebels consisting of disgruntled Military officers and ragtag guerrillas have launched an uprising against the Mohan Singh led Bengal government in Mujibnagar and proclaimed a new Socialist government with a more democratic constitution.

    The rebels which had managed to hitherto remain hidden crossed the Jalangi river at dawn and then led a sudden attack on the town from all sides with a sizable force. After neutralizing the police watchposts on the outskirts, the rebels silently travelled to the central plaza where they strode into the government buildings and forced the city officials to give up administration and resign. When the local military force tried to deal with the situation, they faced an uprising among their own ranks as many soldiers joined the mutineers.
    The end result was a complete failure of the government to retake the city which is now firmly held by the rebels. The fire of mutiny now threatens to spread to the surrounding countryside and even though additional forces have been readied to intercept this new threat, the fact remains that Bengal now faces risk of civil war should the uprising spread.

    The uprising is commented by many to be a result of Mohan Singh's authoritarian policies in regards to Socialist ideologies and domestic governance. Ever since he took over control of Bengal after Bose's death, Mohan Singh has dealt quite harshly with anyone opposing his regime and this has led to the formation of many liberation and freedom movements calling for political reform.
    The main part of the Mujibnagar rebel forces are made up of 'Mukti Bahini' (Literally meaning Liberation force), a rebel group that aims to establish a more moderate socialist state in Bengal.

    Only time will tell what happens next !

    The flames continue to rise(Negative effect on approval)
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    Default Re: Bose's assassination and Mujibnagar uprising

    These are interesting developments, I wonder whether the Mukti Bahini rebels will continue to defend their ground, or if the additional forces will tip the balance against them.

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