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Thread: Things are pretty much unbalanced

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    Default Things are pretty much unbalanced

    Howdy all!

    I don't know what you think about this but Muslim factions in campaign are too weak. Seljuqs are struggling with rebellions from 2nd or 3rd turn and not just one but in almost all cities. Trebizond immediately sending one of her full stack army and together with rebels, they attack you.

    Ayyubids can't defend their cities against Georgians. In Caucasus, the alliance is too strong and they can stop Mongol invasion just themselves. Trebizond, Georgia, Alania and Shirvan loyal to each other and acting all together. I was playing as Ildegizids and when I attacked Georgia and took their city, I found in the north they literally punished Golden Horde and and they were ranked somewhere around 30s, can't remember exact rank sorry but it was so bad. They lost almost all their armies and whatever armies left were badly damaged and were very easy target.

    And plus to those two, there is another faction, Cumans. Cumans in those years forged unity with Russian principalities so they should have some good relations with them. While playing Cumans, Russian principalities, despite having trade agreement, declaring war on you. Then Hungary (and Serbia since they are acting with Hungary). And funnily enough, while his city is under siege, Khwarezmians declaring war on Cumans even in turn one. And Cumans have trade agreement with Khwarezmians as well. And Atil Bulgars can declare war on you out of nowhere, again, despite having trade agreement. And occasionally, Alans and Shirvans declare war on you and again, Cumans have trade agreements with both. Despite having no border, even Poland declaring war on you.

    Anyway, I tried Trebizond as well and it was so calm, I mean sooooo calm. No one is bothering you, diplomacy is too effective and everyone wants to trade with you, you have 2 large armies at start and good economy and good cities and expand wherever you want, even Seljuqs are begging for peace. Was it like this in history or other way around?

    Anyway, in short, Muslims(plus Cuman-Kipchaks) need boost. For real.
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    Default Re: Things are pretty much unbalanced

    I've done 3 campaigns so far and all 3 the Ayyubids were strength rank 1 until I overtook them. They struggle because the AI is terrible at waging multifront wars, and the Ayyubids have to defend against Georgia in the north, Makuria in the south, and whichever christian faction wins in Anatolia. But the amount of military they can bring to bear is impressive early on and they can knock out factions by simply bruteforcing them.

    Seljuk Sultanate of Rum had the same problem in all my games - they fell apart due to civil war. The Seljuk AI seems to have severe army integrity and loyalty problems. In all three of my games their armies were constantly rebelling, it was basically a constant of the campaign that at any time at least one of their cities would be under siege by rebels.

    Zengids / Abbasids start out allied and have done well in all my games. The far east is a three way tossup: Khwarezm vs Ghurids vs Zengid/Abbasid alliance. The Mongols that start in Khwarezm's territory never accomplish anything, they wander off and die on the steppes or in Caucasia. They should function as a wild card or equalizing force in the eastern power balance, shifting the balance of power by invading the strongest or weakest factions, but the Mongols are too weak to do this. The story with horde factions is always the same: one defeat and their military power is permanently broken. Even if they survive every nearby faction declares war on them due to their weakness and they can never encamp for long enough to rebuild before they are ganked by someone's army. So they wander around the steppe with 1 army that has 4 units attritioned down to nothing, trying not to die.

    Hafsid Sultanate have does well in all of my games. They were routinely top 5 strength ranking. Africa is a very difficult place to attack especially with no navies in the campaign yet, so their position is easy for them to defend. They are also surrounded by fellow Muslim allies in the Almohads and Ayyubids which further insulates their position and allows them to build a huge military, though they rarely do anything with it other than defend.

    I've never seen the Cumans accomplish anything either. They take over 2 or 3 cities and stagnate. They have the same problem as all the steppe factions: the steppe region in Attila is too big and too sparse, there are not enough cities for the AI to sustain anything. They always get lost in enemy territory and die to winter attrition and being unable to find friendly territory to heal because of the long distances. This happens in the Attila campaign as well, the Slavic factions on the steppe never conquer more than a few cities due to the distance between them. If they try to move too far, another faction declares war and takes the cities behind them that their armies are too far from to protect.

    War declarations are a problem with Attila. This game's AI is highly aggressive and does not obey rules established in other games like Warhammer. In Warhammer a weak faction with a low strength rank will never declare war on a much stronger faction, but in Attila the AI just likes to declare war for fun. The strength rank 50 faction and its 0 armies has no problem with declaring war on the strength rank 1 faction and its 14 armies. This leads to some weird situations where factions that should historically be friendly to you will declare war for seemingly no reason, sometimes even with friendly reputation. If you want an alliance to last you have to declare war on your allies' enemies and attack or conduct agent actions against them to build up reputation. Or marry with them, that's the easy path to friendship.

    My experience is a a bit narrow since all three of my campaigns have been with eastern factions (Nicaea, Zengids, Nicaea again) so I haven't seen how the east unfolds without player intervention.

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    Default Re: Things are pretty much unbalanced

    They should add border emirates as vassals to the startpos to help with the big factions that cant deal with multi front wars. They were a real thing too

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