So as we all know, the newly-elected government of Virginia attempted to pass laws against individual firearms ownership, immediately triggering massive protest movement against infringement on gun rights.
Multiple counties declared themselves as 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries (which constitute pretty much all of Virginia except for one over-populated pocket of Democrat supporters) and law enforcement officials vowed to refuse to enforce the illiberal draconian legislature, which in response caused the newly-elected General Secretary governor to threaten his population with National Guard and use of brute military force and even declared a state of emergency. Very democratic and liberal of him.
What was even more interesting, West Virginia openly suggesting to annex Virginia's pro-2A counties - which would pretty much constitute all of Virginia, except the above-mentioned pocket of gun control supporters.
As per its usual tradition, legacy media endlessly screeched about gun-rights activists all being violent Nazis and domestic terrorists who would undoubtedly commit massive acts of terror. And as usual, legacy media has been proven wrong by reality.
Today a massive demonstration was held in Virginia, thousands of gun owners and gun rights activists showed up openly carrying their firearms, people of all backgrounds and political beliefs showed up to defend their Constitutional Rights. Of course, nobody was harmed in any way.
Clearly, if there is one thing that can unite a rather divided American society it is the desire to own and bear firearms.

So a few points for further discussion:
- Should over-populated urban centers really have power to legislate over less densely-populated areas? There is an obvious disparity in political beliefs and values, and mob rule by urbanite population is a very destabilizing factor.
- The reason why Democrats were elected in Virginia was because of influx of population from other blue states. Essentially what is happening is Democrat voters escape results of Democrat policies in blue states - only to vote for these policies in red states they just moved to. What changes need to be implemented to prevent that? If someone from a blue state moves to a red state, should his vote count for the previous state at least for the next one or two election cycles (and visa versa)?
- Should media be held at least morally responsible for openly defaming gun-rights activists?