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Thread: I need a help for make a HB

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    Hi Mr. First a great hug for the New Year 2020, and my best regards for all your projects in this new period. My English not is very fine but y will try to explain you the object of my message.
    I am a Venezuela citizen, interested for the history of my country from my childhood; the next year 2021 will be the anniversary 200 of the more important military action of our independent war (Carabobo battle jun 24 of 1821), that is also, each year, the venezuelan army day here. I know your extraordinary job of modding the game Napoleon Total War, game that is the unique that I was playing in my pc for years without get bored. For that anniversary a want to give a pedagogical gift for the people of my country making a video from it historical battle created from it game later to desing the battle terrain and armies. My goal is try to explain the severals theories about the same and make easier understanding it for all.
    For this, I want to ask you for help and advice, because I never had tried to make a history battle from NTW, but I was reading your post in the forum about this theme, and I had downloaded the files that you recommended there for make it job (DDS plugin for gimp, faststone capture, gimp portable, Hibam, Lordz tools for height layer, microdem 32 bit, mod manager, notepad, packfilemanager, and SRTM plugin for Google Earth). I have much information about the battle, the armies, and the terrain included satellite information taken from Google Earth Pro.
    My project not will have commercial goals, I want to make a tribute to the mens and womens that fight in that war and make one worthy of their sacrifice. I hope to find in your attention a bit of time for take a glance to my idea and give me your invaluable help to carry up this job. Sincerely. José Peña, from Caracas, Venezuela.

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    Default Re: I need a help for make a HB

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