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Thread: Nonexisting Hannibal cinematic model?

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    Default Nonexisting Hannibal cinematic model?

    I have recently discovered that hannibal has two models in game. One we see in the campaign and one that is used in the cinematic trailer. This one has on it hair and beard I would like to extract and use in my mod, but I cannot seem to find the model in game files. According to the PFM it is located in VariantMeshes/_VariantModels/man/skin/hannibal/hannibal_lod1.rigid_model_v2, but when I open it, it is not there nor DAVE can see it. Yet when I added this line to Hannibals variantmeshdefinition it showed in game.

    Has anyone ever encountered something like this?
    Can anyone help me get to the file?

    Here is a pack file with all Hannibal meshdefinitions, so you can see for yourself if you don't believe me.
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    Default Re: Nonexisting Hannibal cinematic model?

    Its just old variantmeshdefinitions text files here in rar archive.

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