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    Good evening everyone, I am new here, I would like to know if I can modify/adjust the number of the population with editsf.
    Thank you in advance for whoever answers me

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    By poulation you mean the number that permits you to build more building slots, the one affected by growth?

    Dunno pretty anything about startpos but I think it should be doable.
    The only thing I could personally advice is to check magnar's tutorials

    Another way to affect this pop feature is to use PFM/RPFM, go to "campaign_variables_tables" and set different values for the "settlement_development_point_cost_xxx" thresholds.
    meaning that you can recquire less/more pop points to open slots.
    I modded this way for a DeI submod and they fully work.

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    okay and if I would change the number of the population the slider as it is in the screen next to the province how should I do?

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    there should be these ways

    1) startpos, honestly I really don't know 'cause I never worked with startpos
    check magnar tutorials, this one might have the info you need

    2) try by using the TWC search, maybe you're lucky and there is a thread for this (or some notes somewhere)

    3) you can do a sort of cheat pack where you assign growth points to the region
    this pack should give 100 growth to Rome region (I'm not 100% sure that "settlement_rome_new" is the correct entry, if not try "settlement_rome", I think they might differ depending on campaign map, entire list should be inside "campaign_map_settlements_tables")
    keep in mind that you'll receive those 100 growth every turn. So this pack is meant for few/local changes and then you'll have to save, exit the game and remove the pack

    3) you could do point 2) through scripts so you won't need to remove packs (since the script could be set to trigger on first turn only). This might be complicated if you have no idea about scripting and also 'cause it is not possible to apply effects to regions in Rome2 meaning that you'll need a sort of "scripted workaround"

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    sorry but where is this file

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    you could say there are 4 ways to mod a post M2TW TW game, each one works on a different field

    1) startpos (ASSEMBLYKIT - ESF)
    2) db, which are basically the values coming from scripts, harcoded or not (PFM - RPFM)
    3) 2D/3D graphics
    4) scripts

    in this case we are inside point 2), so:
    a) download RPFM from here (RPFM is an optimized version of PFM), put it wherever you want and pick the Rome 2 game folder when RPFM will ask you!
    b) open the "data_rome2.pack" file (inside game data folder, better if you make a copy of it or you may risk to reinstall the game) with RPFM and you 'll see tons of things
    c) you'll see that this program organize things similariliy to excel, meaning they are editable tabs
    d) go to "db > campaign_variables_tables" and you'll find what I was talking about
    e) the best way to do a mod is to extract the tables you're modding only. So, open again
    RPFM (you can have more than 1 RPFM opened) and pick "Pack File" > "New Pack File" which will open an empty pack.
    Now right click over the "unknown" and select "add" > "add from packfile" and go to select the
    add just
    the "db > campaign_variables_tables" and once you do this rename the tab with something like: @_my_mod_campaign_variables (right click on the tab and you'll see a rename option)
    Why rename it? Because mods are modular, meaning that they'll overwrite fields. So you can mod (even erase the lines you don't need) just what you're aiming for. It is better to use @ for names 'cause it will be put alphabetically before, so to properly overwrite. It is also a good thing to put @ into packs names. You can check how I did things into Testudo DeI submod since I used a pretty rational method composed by a lot of packs.
    f) change what you want and save the pack.

    after that, do:

    1) Put the chosed packs into the data folder (..\Steam\SteamApps\common\Total War Rome II\data)
    2) Remember to revert to the old manager: Go to Rome 2 on STEAM/Right click/Properties/Betas/Select the beta you would like to use/launcher_release_canditate.
    3) Start Rome II
    4) In Mod Manger, check "Enable Out of Date Mods"
    5) Make sure all chosed packs are checked green. Their load order should be ok. It is given by the number of @, the more they are the more previous the mod is loaded/must be loaded
    6) Play
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