I usually don't play the Romans (barbarorum!) but I was wondering if EB2 scripts any type of gladiator/slave uprisings in the game, especially led by the rebel general Spartacus? What interests me more is whether EB2 has or can add units that would have that gladiatorial feel to them; like the different types of gladiators that existed historically. Wikipedia describes 25 types of gladiators. Obviously some of these types are more suited for entertainment value than real combat, but those skills could transfer to combat weapons. You could even separate all those types into different classes of infantry: heavy, medium spearmen, skirmishers/light infantry, etc. There were also cavalry and archer types. While the helmets may not be best suited for real combat, other pieces of armor can be useful in combat like manicae and greaves.

The stereotypical Mirmillo (Myrmillo/Murmillo) gladiator

Was Spartacus' rebellion unique in the ancient world where combat entertainment slaves were able to organize and rise up or were there other instances in the EB2 time-frame where these types of slaves were able to at least organize a resistance, even if it was short-lived? In EB2 I could see provinces which have coliseums or historically had them where if public order got too low/civil unrest too high or slave population too high it would spawn a gladiator rebel army, complete with different modeled gladiator unit types! Of course, the types would be distributed based on how common each type was. Most likely the majority of the army would consist of hastati-like (if that) slave levies, although with nothing to lose, morale would be higher, but training and overall armor would be less. It wouldn't be too interesting if they were just your cheap levies armed only with a small shield and a spear. Even spacing would also be looser comparing a Roman hastati to a Gladiator hastati and probably the same for the heavier classes.

This is R2TW but you can see kind of what I'm talking about but I would like even more diversity. What's interesting is the differences in sizes reflecting the selection of the biggest strongest gladiators and of training them to gain advantage over opponents.

But lets say I want to role-play a Spartacus-like scenario where I have to fight against highly organized armies with a mix-mash of units, which faction would be best both for its own recruitable units and its access to mercenaries that can depict a Gladiator-like army composition? Since the slave trade crossed borders, I want as many different ethnicities represented; Gaul, Iberia, Germany, Illyria, Thrace, Galatia, Numidia, Briton and so on.

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