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    Default Runescape: Total War

    Mods have been made for plenty of fantasy universes but not for Runescape. It was about time one was made.
    At the moment I am working on my own to make this mod and the goal is to have a full Runescape mod that includes the following:
    - Many of the races of Runescape such as: Mahjarrat, Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans, Icyene, Aviansee, Demons and many more!
    - Custom settlements, this mod is set in the third age of Runescape during what is called the "God Wars" so there are settlements that do not exist in the Runescape game, some however still exist and I want to atleast create these for the custom battles and campaign. Some of these are: Hallowvale (Meiyerditch), Keldagrim, Entrana, Sophanem and Priffdinas.
    - Full campaign. For engine related issues I have slightly edited the map by removing certain islands.
    - Scripts for campaign: These are to force certain alliances and recreate events from the third age such as certain races going into hiding and thus not being recruitable anymore.
    - New animations for flying units such as Aviansee and Vyrewatch vampyres.

    I am now making the units for all the factions, there are about 110 I intend to make atleast. Currently the mod is in alpha stage. I however need some help. I know how to make units but I need a coder, animator and someone who wants to help me with creating custom settlements. If you want to help me let me know! (It's best to send me your discord name so I can add you)

    Alpha Installation:
    Download and instructions are in this link:


    Once Zaros, the empty lord, ruled over most of Gielinor. Zaros was feared by all but even he could not hold on to his power forever as he was betrayed by his most powerful general, a mahjarrat called Zamorak. This brought an end to Zaros rule. It's the third age on Gielinor now... a time of total war! More info: This mod will aim to have most of the races of Gielinor known to have participated in the wars. Also I will first focus on making units and custom settlements before I try and make a campaign. The art style this mod will use is the oldschool runescape style, not just for the units but also for the environment and settlements.

    Playable factions
    Before I give a description of each faction I will first show the campaign map:


    Zarosian Empire: The Zarosians have a massive empire that stretches over half of Gielinor (similiar to the Roman Empire). After Zamorak's betrayel it's forces were split with the Zarosian army now containing mostly Humans but also Demons, Werewolves and some of the remaining Dragonkin and Mahjarrat. The humans serving Zaros are some of the most battle hardened humans giving the Zarosian capable warriors as commanders such as Vesta. Two even more powerfull commanders of the Zarosian army that are to be feared even more are Azzandra and Nex bot a powerful Mahjarrat and Nihil respectively.

    Saradominist Kingdoms: The kingdoms of Entrana and Hallowland that follow Saradomin benefit from a diversity of units such as the Humans of Asgarnia, Entrana and Hallowland that are capable warriors. The saradominsts can also recruit the dwarves and centaurs of Asgarnia who form the core of the cavalry. The most deadly followers that Saradomin can deploy are the Icyene warriors led by commander Zilyana. These Icyene can breek trough ranks of soldiers. The challange the Saradominists face is having to wage war against 2 of the biggest armies of Gielinor, those of Zaros and Zamorak.

    Zamorakians: After betraying his master Zaros, Zamorak managed to convince practically all vampyres to fight for him. The vampyres form the core of his army and are generally more capable than the Humans of enduring war. Many Demons and werewolves also joined his cause including some powerfull Mahjarrat making Zamorak's army a new but fearsome army. The Zamorakians will start of as doomstacks on the campaign map.

    Guthixians: Many peacefull races have further migrated to the corners of Gielinor away from the influence of others but now total war is upon them. Many have decided to hide themselves such as the dwarves. Some of the fairies have returned to their home world of Zanaris. Some Guthixians however refuse to watch as their way of balance fades away and have now taken up arms. Now an army of men, dwarves, gnomes and even some fairies will go to war to defend what is left of their territories against the other factions under Harold Esquire (now known as the Grim reaper a guardian of Guthix).

    Tirannwn: The elves worship Seren in who's presence (in the forms of crystals) their lifespan are expanded until they seem immortal. The elves are masters of archery and have been able to expand their territory far eastwards under king Baxtorian. Wetherever the elves manage hold on to these lands will be another question though.

    Fremennik Tribes: The Fremennik tribes are humans living in the far north west of Gielinor and have no intention in joining the chaos. They are capable warriors but generally lack armor. Will they be able to avoid the God Wars?

    Armadyl Alliance: Armadyl is almost only worshipped ny the Aviansie race and thus the make the bulk of his armie. Some say the Aviansie rival the power of the Demons or even Icyene. The little amount of humans that live in Kandarin also follow Armadyl and these can be recruited as well but only in low numbers.

    Hordes of Bandos: Bandos has brought all races of the world Yu'biusk such as the ogres, goblins, Ourgs, trolls etc. to Gielinor for the sake of waging war and creating havoc. After Bandos changed these once simple and peaceful nomads and farmers into mindless warriors he made many leave their homes to fight in Gielinor for his own enjoyment! Bandos uses the goblins as fodder cannon before he sends in his most elite warriors made up of ogres, trolls and Ourgs. The cyclops and gaints were the most intelligent among his warriors.

    Kharidian Empire: The Desert Empire has been fighting a losing battle against the Zarosians for centuries, even their own weapon (the Mahjarrat race they brought from Freneskae) was turned against them making the Desert empire lose it's northern half of its territory.

    This was it for now. If you want to follow the mod on Moddb, that is possible:

    As a last note I want to thank Webba from FATW and the RTW modding community on Discord for all their help! If you want to help me please let me know because I am especially in need of a coder and mapper.

    Runescape TW Discord:

    RTW Community Discord:

    Runescape TW Youtube:

    Runescape TW Moddb:

    Alpha is out! Link: [url[/url]

    Kind regards,

    Runescape Total War Team (Hector and KurdishNomad)
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    Default Re: Runescape: Total War

    I used to be somewhat proficient in mapping for Med 2 like 6-7 years ago but unfortunately those days are long behind me and I really don't remember much. Gigantus' tutorials in the mod forum were huge for me back in the day. You're going to need a lot of help with such an ambitious idea, but unfortunately you're a few years late from the heyday of Med 2 modding on here, so try looking in some of the more alive subs for potential partners. Also, it'll definitely help to prove you're legit by posting some of your current progress on here to show that you're not among the many potential modders we've seen on here who weren't quite willing to commit to their work. If you show you're legit and have made some progress on a key part of your mod, then others might gain interest.
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    Hello ggggtotalwarrior,

    My time to work on this mod is very restricted so I ussually post where I get the feeling people bother to look. If you read trough my announcement you'll find a link to my moddb page where you can see many previews.

    I am planning to update this post in the near future for faction previews. Thanks for your interest!

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    Default Re: Runescape: Total War

    looking at the moddb pictures, your progress so far is really impressive. are the units being recreated or ported? they look very authentic. I'm a little confused about the setting (it has been awhile since I played)--is it before the period of the game?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandair View Post
    looking at the moddb pictures, your progress so far is really impressive. are the units being recreated or ported? they look very authentic. I'm a little confused about the setting (it has been awhile since I played)--is it before the period of the game?

    The first 4 pictures of Hallowland infantry are units done by me from scratch. I also made Zilyana from scratch but after a while I discovered I could convert OSRS models from the game's cache to obj. files. The textures from the cache were useless so these textures you see in all units on moddb are still entirely my own work. This way it saves me time to be able to work on more units in the little time I have. I am glad you like it. I will try to do a faction preview soon.

    The setting is the third age (Gielinorian God Wars) thousands of years before the current setting of Runescape. The defrosted God Wars Dungeon is basically a small scale setting of this war/setting.

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    Default Re: Runescape: Total War


    To give people who only look here an update:

    1. 4 factioms will be done for an upcoming alpha: Saradominist Kingdoms, Zamorakians, Guthixians, Bandosians
    2. Runescape music has been added
    3. Runescape vegetation and terrain has been added
    4. Runescape UI has been added

    For more details check out the moddb page

    As a last thing, here is a video showing most of the progress in less then 7 minutes:

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    Default Re: Runescape: Total War

    Faction previews ( I know it's a bit late):

    Saradominist Kingdoms:



    All units you see will be reworked to have improved graphics as is shown here:

    As a last update some videos showcasing the progress:

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    Default Re: Runescape: Total War

    For some reason the picture is now showing so I'll post it seperately: Old vs New textures:

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    Default Re: Runescape: Total War

    Believe it or not, as a RuneScape lover (though I haven't played in years), I started making a Geilinor map for M2TW. I assume that would be fairly easy to port over to RTW. It wasn't decorated, but I had a heightmap (thanks to a friendly Minecraft modder on Twitter) and was starting on regions. I'm currently without a working computer for modding, but will hopefully have one early next month. If you're interested, let me know! In any case, great work and good luck.
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    Default Re: Runescape: Total War

    Hello Frunk,

    I'd be interested into porting it over to my mod and will ofcourse give you credit. Let me know when you can work with me, here's my discord:

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    Default Re: Runescape: Total War

    I'll be in touch.
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    I've been working on graphically updating all models to resemble the 08-11 years of runescape, here is the result for the Elves and Saradominists:


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    Quote Originally Posted by makanyane View Post
    The units are looking good!

    How are you getting on with the campaign map?

    Hector has made a campaign map for me based on the design shown in the first post, it is wirking but we need to add regions, factions etc. Hector did make really good and fast progress as can be seen here:
    There's some other pics there and in the discord.

    Btw I solved the sprite issue of the vegitation thanks to lanjane's sprite set-up.

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    For some odd reason I can not edit my first reply so I do it here: The release of the alpha is out!

    Download link:

    The instructions are included as well as details! Have fun

    Kind regards,

    Runescape TW modding team (Hector and KurdishNomad)

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    Congratulations KurdishNomad!

    The not being able to edit the first post is that needing 25 posts thing again... I'll report your post and see if a moderator can help you.

    Would you like to ask for this thread to be moved into 'Released Mods'? You'll likely get more potential players in there.

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    Hello Mak,

    Yes an announcement and this being moved to released would be amazing!

    Is it possible for a moderator to make me full member without having 25 posts?

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    Default Re: Runescape: Total War

    I've moved it to the released section, congratulations.

    Hex also took care of your rapid promotion to full member.
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    Default Re: Runescape: Total War

    Many Thanks to you and Hex!

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    Default Re: Runescape: Total War

    Great mod idea, cheers!

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