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Thread: Civil wars starting for no obvious reason in Viking Invasion

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    Default Civil wars starting for no obvious reason in Viking Invasion

    In campaigns with several factions in Viking Invasion, among them the Vikings and the Saxons, I have had problems with civil wars starting. They don't seem to start for any obvious reason. The campaigns have generally got well and smooth until the civil war erupts, and I have not had too many disloyal generals.

    What can I do to prevent this? I find that civil wars basically ruin my campaigns, as they are generally followed by additional civil wars. Makes it impossible to win a campaign.

    I play on normal difficulty.

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    Default Re: Civil wars starting for no obvious reason in Viking Invasion

    Having a larger garrison is one thing you can do, but also have built the border watch building as it allows detecting of spies and assassins plus have one spy and one assassin present will also help to detect enemy agents.

    Buildings that improves happiness (culture and religion) for the population will definitely help.
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    Default Re: Civil wars starting for no obvious reason in Viking Invasion

    Quote Originally Posted by Calypze View Post
    ... What can I do to prevent this?
    There are several things you can do to counter this rather effectively, such as...

    A). Kill, assassinate or "suicide-mission" all your disloyal ex-heirs...
    B). "Police" all your disloyal ex-heirs... As in put them under the command of a powerful (high star) and loyal general, or your king - and then they stay there indefinitely until they die...
    C). Build lots of "happiness" buildings as to minimize rebellions (- as these can trigger civil wars as well)...
    D). Only rely on (clearly) loyal generals from now on...
    E). Do a combination of all of the above...
    F). In rare cases the game reacts to heavy use of cheat-codes/commands and is thus "triggered" to stage a civil-war - no matter what you do. This, as a sort of punishment for such excessive cheating. The game-designers obviously did not like that prospect much - considering this given trait....

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    Default Re: Civil wars starting for no obvious reason in Viking Invasion

    All of what Axalon says is true, and important.

    What you also need to remember is that you are at your most vulnerable when a new king ascends the throne. Your old king who just died will have had various VnVs which aided him, and new kings tend to have less influence, too, which also impacts loyalty amongst your generals - especially newly trained troops.

    All of this means your new king needs to secure his grip on power. The way to do this, as soon as you get the message that you have a new king, is as follows:
    1. check all of your powerful generals first. Any with low loyalty (ie under 4) should NOT be left in a big stack. It gives them ideas...
    2. STOP training troops for a couple of turns, as the new ones are likely to be low loyalty. Agents and ships are fine.
    3. Juggle your stacks so you have higher loyalty units in charge.
    4. Build QUICKLY - don't keep a load of long build-time buildings in the queue, rather do lots of short-time buildings. The more buildings are completed under your new king, the sooner he earns the 'builder' virtues. Get him up to 'magnificent builder' ASAP - this adds +2 loyalty to all generals
    5. Princesses - drop one on to any real hard cases (low loyalty/high dread). Try to keep them around once your king starts getting old, just in case.

    Other likely causes of civil wars: losing two or more provinces in a single turn and your king leading an attack - this breaks his connection to the rest of the realm so he loses the 'proximity effect'.
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    Default Re: Civil wars starting for no obvious reason in Viking Invasion

    I'll add something.)=

    1. To start a civil war, a faction must there is a general who can lead the rebel forces, he must match certain requirements. It will be a prince or general of royal blood. If there is no suitable one, then one of the "ordinary" generals. Generals of the Crusades and Jihads, and "famous" generals (eg El Cid) lead the rebel forces cannot.
    "General" means only the commanders of entire armies, the leaders of individual detachments will not be considered generals. Bonuses received from titles are taken into account, armies located in be sieged castles in foreign territories are not taken into account.
    The sum of the stats of the candidate for the leadership of the rebel forces
    (Rank + Dread + Piety + Acumen) / 3 must be > the influence of the faction Leader, and he must also belong to the same faction from the very beginning (i.e. not move from another factions after bribery, for example).
    His loyalty must be < 5 (for "ordinary" generals < 4), the power estimation of the army under his command must be > 50 % (for "ordinary" generals > 66 %) of the total power estimation of the loyal armies in the province where he is located (an army is loyal to a faction Leader if the loyalty of its general is > 2, Crusades and Jihads are always loyal). If several suitable candidates are found who are princes or holders of royal blood then preference is given to the one who has the least loyalty. Among ordinary generals preference is given to the one with a higher sum Rank + Dread.

    2. If a candidate for the role of the head of the rebellion is found, then a civil war will begin if the number of disloyal armies (in which the generals have loyalty < 3) is
    > 30 % of the number of all the armies of the faction, but armies located in be sieged castles in foreign territories are not taken into account. Crusades and Jihads don't count too.

    3. It turns out that the appointment of a title under certain circumstances can play a negative role - for example, if some general lacks a little qualities in order to stand at the head of the rebellion and he will receive what is missing from the titles )=.

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