►Mod Name:
Bulat Steel Total War
►Mod Platform: Medieval II Kingdoms
►Release Status: Released
►Mod creator\team leaders: Yarik, Leeekaaa
►Mod team members: Yarik, Leeekaaa, Norinke, Novem, Vdovin, Jukoman
Release Status: Version 2.1.4 released, Version 2.1.5 - on development stage
Mod foldered:Bulat Steel TW 2.1.4 (Bulat Steel TW 2.1.5)
►Mod Description: Global modification of the European Middle Ages and the era of the Crusades with many scripts and innovations. Global modification created by modmakers from Russia and Ukraine. Improvement and deep study of all factions, the presence of innovations: scripts and beautiful things - all this rightly had the right to be called "Bulat Steel: Total War". It's not just a new global mod for the old-good Medieval II: Total War Kingdoms, it's a real masterpiece.
►Forum link(s): https://www.twcenter.net/forums/foru...-LYNNV-Edition
►Permissions: Permission by request only.