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Thread: Faction Internal Power Struggles/Usurpers and Civil Wars in EBII

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    Icon3 Faction Internal Power Struggles/Usurpers and Civil Wars in EBII

    First of all, I could not enjoy EBII for a very long time and could not follow up the updates/plans of EBII team, so excuse in advance in case this has been already asked before.

    I am not aware if the EBII team have plans or is already working and scripting towards factions internal power struggles/usurpations and civil wars mechanics through the decision of using the last faction slot for scripting purposes (great news, by the way). In any case, I wonder if this usurpation and civil wars concept applied into SSHIP could be adapted and integrated into EBII and Ancient History era (at least to the factions which are or have been kingdoms historically, but possibly through different means to the Republics and other political systems), affecting both the player and AI.

    It could be interesting in order to increase the dynamism, randomness and difficulty towards ruling big republics/empires in the middle/late game, but even at the beginning due to its unexpected occurrence and the consequent modification of player's expansion plans, even reaching critical situations of survival. Cheers!

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    Default Re: Faction Internal Power Struggles/Usurpers and Civil Wars in EBII

    That's certainly an area to explore.

    A part of the authority could be determined by the immediate situation, and thus be extremely volatile. It would generate some temporary crisis situation, penalizing a bad global management. The characters could also be divided between supporter, opponent and independent, and react differently depending on the situation (and their temperament).

    Some council missions could also be used to test the reactivity of the player within this system.

    There is also a command disabling the possibility to recruit or build in a settlement, which could be used for a graduated crisis. In the end, the difficulty is probably to synthesize the whole thing^^.

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