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Thread: Difficult to understand how the game works

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    (automatically translated)
    Hello everyone, I'm Mariulin.
    I have installed 3KTW for a couple of days.
    Having previously played most of the TW titles since the first Rome, I was used to installing and starting a campaign without even thinking about it; the game mechanism has always been easy and intuitive to me, the new features introduced from time to time have always seemed easily acquired during the campaign.
    With 3K, on the other hand, I'm finding myself in difficulty; the interface seems complicated, brainy, confused.
    For example, I stopped the campaign a few minutes ago because I was exasperated by not being able to figure out how to assign a governor to a settlement; a really irritating affair.
    Is it just my impression or has anyone else encountered the same difficulties?
    I wish everyone a good evening.

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    Default Re: Difficult to understand how the game works

    I had the same experience. The game User Interface is beautiful but it is very difficult to understand initially. I fear there is no alternative except perseverance. That said you may want to go to check the semi official Youtube tutorial video. It might help you.


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