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    Icon4 Rise of the Republic All Factions Mod



    Played Tarchuna first in RotR, that was a kind of fun. Then Rome, that was horrible caused by too cranc Secession and I quit, really fast. Seemed to me a kind of a new Sparta DLC for me I would never play again and goodbye.

    Now I played Syracuse and that was laughable, hilarious easy, conquered whole Sicily, then Carthago to reach Sardinia, then Sardinia et Corsica and ended up with over 500.000 treasury and over 30.000 turn income - boring! Ah, yes, and Rome got extinct. That is always the same in vanilla games: You play an opponent of the faction you want to face. You rise to power until it grew boring, while your oh so mighty opponent just dies out.

    I want my own Imperium Levels so that these games dont turn out to be boring. I want my Boost Mini Mods so that my favorite opponents survive til clash. I want my own General Units.

    There is a reason for my Imperium Levels! They are just spice. I cannot play Total War Rome 2 without my own Imperium Levels anymore, caused by the Middle and Late Game boredom of vanilla.


    I find the lack of Massilia and the Massylians disturbing. Three really huge faults in RotR are:

    1) No Massilia as Northwestern border of the game. That would have been little effort and huge strategical cause and joy. (Massilia exists as a kind of a "text adventure" and thats it!)

    2) No Massylians as North African counterpart vs the Carthaginians. That would have been even MORE cause and joy. (If the Massylian Spawn conquers Utica then there ARE Massylians, I mean perhaps some inner North African Numidian towns plus a little in the West, not that ugly pity cape spot)

    3) 4 years per turn. If they would have made 1 year per turn, the history would show up much more correctly, perhaps a player would run into all Roman wars just in time, Punic Wars included. I usually play about around 100 turns, then the game is over anyway cause I am unstoppable (or, better, I was unstoppable for a long time already but had still fun to play along). The game begins 399 BC, 100 turns > 25 years, and the whole thing is over already, but say, 200 turns > 50 years, and Italy is mine > 349 BC game end. That is highly inappropriate and historically inaccurate!

    That is a major flaw in that DLC. But to change years per turn is too much effort for me.

    I think RotR was just done as a Side Project to baby feed the still many Rome 2 players out there. Some nice ideas, but just a basic built. Perhaps RotR never left the 1.0 version of itself. My philosophy always is: Make it easy and straight as possible. Dont waste nothing. ALL there has to be GOOD there. Now the Sicily clash will be good. I will be able to face a RotR 2.0 badass game now.


    I took the All Factions Mod by Ermanarich, as always. There is absolutely no need for a guy like me to do it all from scratch again, unnecessarily. I just always take the All Factions Mod by Ermanarich, and then pimp the lacks out. He always did just the basic unlock stuff, nothing more, quoth the Ermanarich raven, lol. So, he did the basic unlock stuff, the bones, I did the rest, the flesh, all good for me, as long I give credit. Plus, I could have done that by my own, but why.


    One thing I found GREAT is, that the creators of the DLC implemented SPAWN_FORCE, so that without Lua Scripting it allows a Modder for example, to let spawn armies of all kinds. I did manage Spawn_Force, I didnt manage Spawn_Agent to give champions or special generals. If a guy did, please tell how.


    So currently I edit my Spawn Tables. Rome, Carthage, Syracuse, Insubres, Tarchuna, Samnites, Taras, all except Carthage playable factions in vanilla, got special Faction Traits so that I will pimp these seven factions by better General, Unit, Faction traits, plus, by Spawn_Force commands, so that a Human Player could choose which of the seven factions he wants to get boosted.

    I read in Internet, that some guys just hate the vanilla spawns - Massylii near Utica, Nurages in Sardinia, Sikelians in Sicily, Illyrian Pirates Adriatic Sea, Hirpini/Samnites South Italy, Histri east Venice, Helvetii north Milano. These guys I recreated a bit better, currently thinking about deleting the Helvetii and the Hirpini completely, cause the game mechanics need huge factions to become a threat - not micro spawn elements irritating them. If for example the "Celtic Furor" arrives North of Italy, it has to be a strong FACTION like the Insubres, not a weak beggars army.

    The Spawn_Force always seems to take one particular general out of the Commanders Table, and then just the best troopers of each, Infantry, Cavalry, Skirmishers, Special. Up to 42 units stack, so YES, I could give the Helvetii a 42 stack super hard army and that army every 10 turns - yes. Still, better than overdosed masses of spawn is a functioning faction. I would prefer to not cheat the Human Player to death, just give him a huge mighty opponent and sometimes a 40 stack vs you to have fun with.

    If I want a MIGHTY opponent North of Italy/Romans/Etruscans, I need to pimp the Insubres especially and ONLY by sometimes smaller and huger spawns - and not the Helvetii by too less or too much. Same with Samnites.


    For me, the huge theatre of Sicily was FAR too less fun to play. The wars of the Carthaginians vs Syracuse in Sicily are (in)famous, later, the war Romans vs Carthaginians in Sicily, and that island is really HUGE with 12 towns. Unfortunately, 4 towns Syracuse, 4 towns Agyrion, 3 towns Akragas, 1 town Carthaginians. I wanted to get WAR in Sicily, not a cheap sack. So now, whoever you play, you could get Carthaginian War Elephants and huge armies, or Syracuse huge armies vs you to really beat the hell out of you. Much better!

    Pyrrhus does arrive now. I did, as I told, not manage to spawn that general, unfortunately, but spawn Greek War Elephants and huge armies, and that is fun in South Italy!

    I am looking forward to finalize my RISE MOD (RotR), plus, to implement spawns and finalize my HATG and AUG MODs, so that they are at least available out there!

    Have a good new year!

    O, yes, the fun fact is, that to implement Spawn_Force Tables is about 20 kb and you are done!

    EDIT 9.1.:

    Beginning of december I decided to built up a new basic gaming PC for me, finally M2 and better slots. 25.12. I switched to my new built PC and played another Total War Rome 2 game > RotR with Syracuse 25. - 27.12. a super boring game. But recognized that the makers of that DLC did spawn armies which I thought to use for myself. Not in Lua. But in tables. 27.12. til today, RotR All Factions Mod done. Today, some minutes ago, my "Spawn Rip" I called it, the final step to finalize a playable Alpha > Transfers of all of my faction spawns into the faction packs to rip the one huge spawn table apart into the seven small faction spawn tables.

    Lets see if it works!

    The plan is, that for Carthage, Rome, Tarchuna, Insubres, Samnites, Taras, and em... Syracuse, faction traits are available, so that I made these seven Mini Mod packs to boost these seven factions by traits and by spawns if a human player wants them to be boosted, he will get a hells fair opponent hopefully. As I mentioned before. I played Syracuse and that was super easy and boring and Rome got extinct before I got the chance. The plan is, that the human player will get a Total War, not a Total Boredom.

    I had a very funny idea! Thought about "who else could be pirates or fleets for more sea danger?" cause the vanilla spawn would provide Adriatic Sea Pirates, the Illyrians. Now I have a strong spawn force in the whole sea > I boosted the Carthaginian Fleets even further! That is now really disgusting beautiful! A VERY strong Carthaginian sea dominance now.

    Who thought that RotR is a little hasty built Boredom > well, it isnt anymore!
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    Default Re: Rise of the Republic All Factions Mod

    Hey guys! Or whoever that might read (or not).

    25.-27.12.2019 my third RotR game with Syracuse > boring. Then two weeks of modding. Now first testgame > horrible, way too hard. Today finished my second testgame, Pyrrhus arrived Sicily with two armies, 8 war elephant army, a bit overdosed. I quit. That is not THAT hard! I gave the Greek factions the Greek Scorpion plus all these Pikes like Bronze Shield Pike, Silver Shield Pike, even Levy Pike, so vs Elephants Pikes are gold. I nearly won vs a 30 stack Pyrrhus/Taras army with 8 war elephants.

    You know. I found RotR always neat. A tiny little neat, reminded me of Sparta DLC which I dont like, was perhaps a quick built to satisfy the old rest community of Rome 2, but not very... overwhelming. I had the interest to play on the huge 12 town Sicily with Syracuse or Carthage to face a raging war - which I got finally. One problem was, that to reduce income by Imperium Levels plus to reduce these idiot garrisons like 5 Elite Hoplites for Greeks or 5 Sacred Bands for Carthage which makes AI attacks impossible so you are always on the bright side of life > huge garrisons just ALWAYS make the game static caused by AI attacks lacks lol.

    So, I reduced income and made really beautiful garrisons, not impossible to attack, not impossible to defend, and gave the seven major factions a huge boost. So far so good. They wouldnt even need huger spawns, which I gave, and that was overdosed. Mighty Carthage lost whole Sardinia caused by too heavy uprisings, Pyrrhus in Sicily is a mess. BUT. That were 86 turns of REAL fight Sicily! Wow. Rome didnt get extinct but managed even to conquer Veii and Tarchuna. So, RotR is really fun now. Taras and Neapolis spread and clashed with a winner Taras over whole South Italy (except the 4 town province of Italia around Rhegium which is Syracuse).

    I will make much more spawns. I did 2 til 4 spawns for every of the Big7, which appear repeatedly, which appears to be sad. I need small spawns at the beginning and more and more challenging later on so I have to diversify and that means: More unique spawns, less repeat. If I make just repeats, either early or late will be disgusting or boring (it was highly disgusting).

    It will be much more balance and a development. That is not THAT complicated, just the coordinates. I think RotR turned out to become a really lovely DLC! I will be able to get my war in Sicily, and to face a strong Rome. Fine!
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    Default Re: Rise of the Republic All Factions Mod

    The little problem is, that it is planned to build up a huge "spawning history". You can give the line ending of PIRATES to let the spawn faction declare war to the owner of the region of the coordinates, so, it is planned to give the Romans, Carthaginians, Syracuse, Taras, a kind of story line to place step by step armies. That is a kind of "complicated", in fact a work of balance. If I do that and upload the Mod without testgaming, it could be way too hard and unplayable.

    My spawns grew more and more, cause that is really a fun thing pimping really great. But to balance that is a kind of tricky.
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    Default Re: Rise of the Republic All Factions Mod

    That was REALLY not good five months for modding I think.
    March til May were just disgustingly shi***y, you might agree.

    Some benefits of my RISE MOD are:

    - ALL FACTIONS playable with full txt and politics stuff, just all except Civil War Trigger
    - Every Faction 12 General units, important to me, for any needs
    - Far better garrison troops
    - Far better Imperium Levels
    - Far better stances
    - Far better politics
    - Civil War Trigger is reduced MUCH. I dont think Civil War actually did matter that time and theatre
    - Some more troops included like Onager Ships and more Pikes
    - All Major Factions are directly boostable (boo-stable lol, no, boost-able, so Rome wont get extinct easily)
    - All Major Factions got Spawns (Carthage & Rome got most, Taras & Syracuse a lot)
    - The fresh clash of Sicily. Carthage. Syracuse. And Pyrrhus. A really nice 12 town massacre!
    - My RISE MOD really will kick some as***es.

    That is not a neat little side kick DLC anymore, but a fully charged badass! FUN!
    That is a RISE MOD.

    Currently work on the SPAWN tables, then testgame. To do just a few army spawns just in endless repeat is not good. You need weaker, smaller army spawns at the beginning, and rising cruel powers at the end. Plus. You absolutely dont need a NEVER ENDING spawn for any factions. Barbarian spawns, okay, but faction spawns have to end finally. So, faction army spawns will be MORE, weak and small at the beginning, rising and cruel at the end, and will end, with no repeats. I think, that will give a sweet touch. Just to watch different types of fleets for Carthage, Syracuse, Taras, is just awesome!

    That will be a fresh clash around and on Sicily. And the mainland Italy will be REALLY WAR!

    Stay healthy!


    The Battle of the Allia was 390 BC Senones vs Rome > Roman Defeat plus Sack of Rome.
    Pyrrhus was 280 BC. I created Spawn Expansion Histories for now, Taras/Magna Graecia, Etruscans, Samnites, and now Insubres/Celts. Every Spawn coordinate is set to attack another neighbor to expand the territory. So, I let these four factions rise in power and expand.

    A Human Player wont ever reach Pyrrhic War 280-275 BC. The game starts 399 BC, 4 turns per 120 years, that would be about 480 turns down to 280 BC so no sir, Pyrrhus 280 BC and First Punic War 264 BC wont happen in-game, as I told before: Thats a BAD DLC LACK IMO!!! If you make 1 turn per year, you could span the whole period and many many many Roman Wars.

    To change that to 1 turn per year I am just too lazy. That affects just too many tables and values. Lucky, that I dont care shi*** - I just want to play a badass RISE MOD. And to have four seasons including winter I actually appreciate. So, who cares the actual year in game?

    I created in-game, that all these four factions will rise in power, wealth, territory, hopefully, until Rome is surrounded by Etruscan block in the north and Samnite block in the south - that will be the first clash, while the Celtic block in the far north and the Greek block in the far south will rise along, until the Celtic Furor will punch through the Etruscans and attack Rome, and the Pyrrhic War will punch through the Samnites - and attack Rome.

    So, my timeline would be, that the Etruscans and Samnites rise to threaten Rome both sides, while the Celts and Greeks rise, until Pyrrhus attacks from the south, still supported by the Etruscans in the north, breaking through Lucanians, Samnites, Apulians. Later, the Celts attack from the north, breaking through the Etruscans, so that Etruscans and Samnites fall apart first, then Taras/Greeks/Magna Graecia/South, then Insubres/Celts/Gallia Cisalpina/North. That is historically accurate enough for me.

    The left three Spawn Expansion Histories are Rome, to expand throughout whole Italy, to occupy all three islands. Carthage, to occupy all three islands, reaching south of Italy. Syracuse, to occupy whole Sicily, attacking Sardinia and south of Italy. So, all 7 main factions plus Pyrrhus as a Taras Attack, will have their Boosts, and IF you trigger these Boosts, they will rise and attack.

    That WONT BE in "real" time! That will be just ALL WARS in game time, a rough TOTAL WAR. If the Human Player wants to clash as Carthage vs Rome > Rome will be HUGE. If the Human Player wants to clash Rome vs Carthage > Carthage will be HUGE. So, all wars are possible to play in time.

    Perhaps, I even could do a Carthaginian attack on the north of Italy late-game "March on Rome", and a Roman attack on North Africa, Carthage itself late-game "Destruction of Carthage", to span a whole insanity. So, just ALL WARS will happen, fast and aggressive.

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    Default Re: Rise of the Republic All Factions Mod

    Always good when you finally put something together and you are done.

    Since RotR introduced SPAWNs, you can actually create armies wherever, whenever, whichever, for whomever you might want. The tables needed are:



    I will finish today my Roman Spawns. After that: Tweaking only. After that: A testgame.

    And sorry - I did no historically accurate Spawn Modding, which town first, which town then, blah blah. That is AI stupidity anyway. It wont happen like planned, you can just be lucky that it might just happen somewhat dubious.

    The Sack of Rome by Brennus, Battle of the Allia, that stuff, seems to have happened 390 BC. Not even the DLC itself is historically accurate - that Celtic Furor and that Sack of Rome doesnt happen. If the DLC would begin RIGHT AFTER the Sack of Rome 390 BC, STARTING THERE - I think that would have been the best decision.

    The problem with Total War in general is, that the creators try to create "all factions playable" in a balanced fashion, with one exception: The factions you want to play MOST, are testplayed MOST, and hardened out. So, the AI cannot really play Rome as a hard to play faction in RotR - and gets extinct. All factions you would like to face are hardened out and get extinct easily.

    I just make sure by Spawn Modding, that you will get a worthy opponent, whether you want to oppose Carthage, Rome, Syracuse, whoever. I did ALL wars down to Carthaginian March on Rome or the Roman Attack on Carthage itself. The expansion of these power blocks is just, that the AI WILL EXPAND AND BE A HARD THREAT - lucky, if the AI gets that done. At least you will have to face absolute badass armies and fleets, rising in power over time, absolutely no jokes.


    That RISE MOD could need some testplayers!
    Always, you overdose Modding, it is overdosed. There are TWO tweaks in the tables


    > the AMOUNT of army stack is to tweak, not too low, not too high / the type of army plus the coordinates should be done


    > WHEN does the army appear, and WHEN the next and the next and the next, the AMOUNT of army stack and the WHEN, are to balance, so that it is not too soft, and not too hard. The good thing is, that I dont let repeat Spawns. Every single Spawn will just appear once, just perfectly adjusted hopefully, it is ONE Spawn for ONE purpose, and then the next, and then the next, no plump repeats, but adjusted single Spawns.

    The exact option junctions for the barbarian uprisings are in the main mod - they ALWAYS trigger. The exact option junctions for the seven factions are in the seven faction boost mini mods - they just trigger if a Player chose to boost one of these to oppose them. Without that table, WHEN a spawn triggers - it just wont. Easy.

    These tweaks, how many, when exactly, are essential.
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    Default Re: Rise of the Republic All Factions Mod

    hey man, why don't you join this project?

    about spawns, we already talked about them but keep in mind these 3 main things
    1) there is a big difference between spawning an already present (in the map) faction and one that isn't
    2) spawns via cdir will activate factions that are not present while the script way will not activate them, meaning that they'll spawn but they won't do anything (you can't even have diplomatic relations with them)
    3) spawns via cdir are rigid, you can just set random conditions (more or less), you can't build real conditions

    so, the best way for building spawns is to make them via cdir and then control them via script

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    Default Re: Rise of the Republic All Factions Mod

    Hi Jake! Wow, that is an honour to be asked to join you!!!

    - But sry, I actually never played DEI. I know about these three great famous overhauls DEI, Radious, and Wars of the Gods, but actually I am just a Vanilla DLC fanatic gamer and small pimp modder.


    I began to mod in more Commanders in Vanilla DLCs, then I desperately searched/waited for/downloaded All Faction Mods, and made more Commanders - now I am just interested in making/modding All Faction Mods for the existing Vanilla DLCs and to slightly pimp these Vanilla DLCs up to a better level. I hope to finish up my RISE MOD, today, then a Testgame/Game finally, yay! If I get my All Faction Mods of RISE (Rise of the Republic), HATG (Hannibal at the Gates), and AUG (Imperator Augustus), to a good to play level (including spawns), as Vanilla DLC All Faction Pimp Mods, I am okay with that and fairly done! Perhaps I will do an All Factions EMP Mod (Empire Divided), that is my humble little modder thing.

    My RISE MOD has about 14 mb since I reduced the Frontend Faction Maps and some Load Screens to ashes. I refused Lua Scripting and do just basic stuff to pimp Vanilla DLCs to a more challenging level. I hate the Early/Middle/Late game boredom and that important factions get extinct before I can face them properly in battle.

    I use these cdir spawns you told me, to expand important factions and to face me by huge armies - they just shall march and trample to dust, and I am fairly happy!


    And perhaps I will mod Gyrosmeisters "The Last Stand of Greece" to implement some of my structures. That just depends on, IF I will play a second game, that Mod is super fun, but IF I will play a second game, then with Roman Spawn Boost and some Imperium Levels and Stances.

    I really HATE that Imperium Levels dont actually RISE in civil unrest, and especially for these City State Greeks with their never ending debate about Oligarchy, Democracy, Tyranny, I want less money in Middle and Late game and much more civil unrest. Plus, I am looking forward to play Gyrosmeisters next release, Poliorketes - and that is really enough for me little player and modder!

    But super thank you and just keep going!
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    Default Re: Rise of the Republic All Factions Mod

    have fun then

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    Default Re: Rise of the Republic All Factions Mod

    You too!
    Good to know that there is a Lua Script Artist out there doing great stuff!
    Have a super summer!
    (Another point to just mod basic stuff and then go for a ride RL!)

    I found out something funny about the RotR DLC. I read a bad comment about the DLC, that the Carthaginians just appear with high end troopers in no time. Now that I thought to have finished up my RISE MOD 1.0 and to testplay Carthage > they seem to have forgotten to link the buildings to the technologies, Carthage only > so that you just can build up everything, all buildings, all troopers, and you would appear with high end troopers in no time, actually.

    (That wont be that easy anymore, cause high end troopers need high end time to be built now)

    So if some Modder out there wants to pimp the RotR DLC > you have to fix that! I at least will.

    Isnt Modding funny??? I saw that Carthage has no buildings linked to technology, so I searched for the inv_ (RotR Prefix) and found no links, okay, they are not linked/not done, so I searched in local_en.pack to find their text entries in technology.loc, have none, found out they have still the rome_ entries/names/descriptions which I copy & pasted now from data_rome2.pack into my Modder pack > now I just compare the rome buildings linked to the rome technologies and replace the rome buildings with the inv buildings > et voila, hopefully.

    The creators of the RotR DLC just made new Tec Trees and linked to buildings for any playable factions/groups, and so, they spanned quite ALL, except Carthage, not a playable faction and not related to any other group > isnt that funny???

    BTW: Steam Summer Sale going, dudes!

    Perhaps the most dudes out there just dont understand my kind of modding. I use batch files to load or delete different .packs. For example, Carthage in the RotR DLC seems just a raw basic built. Carthage just wasnt on screen - cause you just want to play Rome exclusively, without ever reaching Pyrrhic War or the Punic Wars - ?!?!?!?!?!? I really dont get that. Just play Rome in RotR and clash a little Etruscans and Samnites, Carthage is just a useless side kick thing - ?!?!?! And who was Pyrrhos again?

    No, you dont want to play Carthage while Rome would rise and rise and rise and to clash with that rising realm of influence vs Syracuse, Magna Graecia, Etruscans, Rome. Cause Rome wouldnt rise anyway played by AI - but get extinct. You just CANNOT face Rome, cause the AI just cant handle hard to play factions and gets extinct, so, no use for playing Carthage AT ALL.


    But I ALWAYS want to play Carthage.

    Carthage is not a broken faction, but a raw basic built and nothing more. I always try to pimp the Vanilla DLC to an All Factions playable pimp mod to level up everything a bit. And THEN, I create Boost Mini Mods. If you play Carthage, you load the Main Mod RISE, then PLEASE the Roman Boost, then PLEASE Syracuse and Taras/Pyrrhos Boost > and you get to face these three in HEAVY BRUTAL battles FOR SURE. And YES, that is hard, no walk through. That is ROME, or, Agathocles of Syracuse, or, Pyrrhos of Epiros, these guys were no jokes.

    I think the most dudes out there just dont get my point and just say: ?!?!?

    Yes. Then never face Rome.

    Then never face a dirty brute clash on Sicily.

    Just NEVERR.

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    Default Re: Rise of the Republic All Factions Mod

    The problem for me as a Modder is, that I just cant mod, if I just cant/dont want to test/play.
    If you start a game, then you trust the game that it might be balanced and working.
    You focus and play hard, and you dont want to quit the game caused by pity shi***.
    To just test/play and test/play is annoying and frustrating, and I just dont play that much these days.

    I was Badass enough to kick the Startpos through Assembly Kit by myself.

    > All 44 Factions playable with unlocked Family Tree, all txt and politics working
    > The starting year is not 399 BC anymore but 326 BC begin 2. Samnite War
    > So to reach Pyrrhic and Punic Wars is in range, still, not accurate by exact year
    > I just wanted to give the earliest possible, plausible, playable date to start the game
    > But still to reach Pyrrhic and Punic Wars IN FAIR GAME TIME, and just screw the rest

    The Mercenaries

    One thing I just ADORE in my game is, that I took ALL units of Factions Units, Mercenaries, Natives, implemented some more out of DLCs and .packs, to name Desert Kingdoms Pack, and balanced cost, maintenance, turns to build, and all the time you are able to buy mercenaries and you think: Actually, they are expensive to buy, and slightly more expensive to maintain, but actually, I perhaps could just NOT disband them cause they look worth the money, I just LOVE that. Expensive, but possible.

    In my opinion the creators of the game overrated the cost of mercenaries. The problem of Carthage was not mercenary cost in general but to maintain a whole land army in general, as a Thalassocracy. They just didnt build up a whole Empire with strong colonies, land masses and huge Punic population. They just wanted to spread from Capital to small colonies to maintain a cheap as possible profit secured by trade/war fleet. I know, I know. Mercenaries are expensive, YES. But for Carthage a standing army in general was out of business.

    Why did Rome use Gallic Riders? Or Germanic Riders? Why did Rome use Auxiliaries excessively? Cause they were just that good, and they were worth the money. Own Legionaries and Equites were expensive too. Gallic Riders were just slightly more expensive but far better, thats the point. In my opinion mercenaries have to be slightly more expensive but worth the money sometimes if some special troopers are just worth the money cause they ARE JUST THAT GOOD.

    I mean. You can easily buy mercenaries - you just CANNOT afford to maintain them in vanilla, but you can easily disband them again. THAT was the problem of Carthage!!!! It WAS NOT easy to disband them!!!! That exactly triggered the infamous Mercenary War. Now, it is expensive to buy them, slightly more expensive to maintain them - but you actually could. You dont NEED to necessarily disband your mercenaries anymore, and I just LOVE that.

    Some special troopers you could actually implement into your army constantly.

    The 1.0 of the Rise Mod

    I just cant play any faction to pimp all the lacks out.

    I just want to improve the RotR Vanilla to an All Factions Playable Gold Pimp Standard.

    If there are any problems, the Mod is provided open for PFM, plus, a message in thread or PM is easy possible. I hope it will kick a***es now. At least, Rome will expand, YESSSSSSS.

    Carthage and Syracuse will do the trick, and the fresh clash on Sicily works, YESSSSSSS.

    v1.1 28.7.2020 Iapygian fix.
    v1.2 30.7.2020 played Carthage, Messapians, Balari, Lucani now, Rome more food.

    I know that many Modders just quit after a while suddenly and goodbye. So to upload today was my DUTY, latest version. Now I am allowed to play my Lucani testgame along, turn 77. Rome is HUUUGE, a juggernaut, my two Lucani fullstacks will face a Roman 30 stack nearby the allied Samnite Bovianum. Carthage owns Sicily and attacks our allied Rhegion all the time, Rhegion conquered Messini. Hopefully Rhegion will stand its ground, we have colonies southwest Italy, and no armies. End of December 2019 I played RotR Vanilla boring Syracuse faction to inaugurate my new PC built, just seven months later Rise of the Republic IS a freakin Rise of the Republic, finally! YAY!


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