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Thread: Rebel Stacks in Galatia- How Long?

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    Default Rebel Stacks in Galatia- How Long?

    PLaying as Pontos- I have had Ankyra for dozens of seasons after cleaning out all the stacks there and in Kappadokia, etc. I also took Pergamon and wiped that faction out. However, I am still getting these rebel stacks spawning. How long does this go on and is there anything that can be done on the player side to stop this? I know as Pergamon you can defeat the Galatians and end this, but what to do as another faction? It does add a little interest to the game I have to admit, but I am locked in a death struggle against the Seleukids at the moment and don't have time, money, or troops to deal with this crap

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    In my campaign, they have just been defeated after 215 turns.

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