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    My full strength army has been 80% depleted by 8 turns of disease. I have them out of the city they caught it from but it won't abate. I was wondering what I can do to lessen the chances of this. Very frustrating. I loved my army.

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    i have the same problem and that keep Happening i really pissed off and used a trainer to make the troops 100% size even after battle . what i can do otherwise ?! i keep losing units in nothing . that way if it were realism there no armies could've besiege castles for months and may be years .

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    Well, armies didn't besiege cities under plague I think.
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    Problem is sieging a city doubles the chance of an outbreak, and if an outbreak happens during a siege the besieging army is instantly infected with no way to stop it. I've had two armies get infected and both times the disease did not wear off, both armies were completely destroyed and I just disbanded the second one after a few turns.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alhoon View Post
    Well, armies didn't besiege cities under plague I think.
    I think enemy armies do that, but would rather wait to assult the city until the disease outbreak is over.
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    If an army gets plague, it also suffers integrity losses as well (not sure if that is every time but it seems to happen.)
    On home territory where you'll get replenishment it's not too bad, the army will recover.
    Outside home territory it may even be better to disband the army and recruit a new.
    (or fight the siege battle as soon as plague or whatever strikes.)

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