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Thread: Village attacks unbalanced?

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    Default Village attacks unbalanced?

    Or do I just suck?

    I've been playing for a bit now and I keep losing when attacking small towns (the ones with the three ways in and the towers) even when vastly outnumbering the defenders, with units of better quality and experience. It just seems the second that a unit is bogged down in one of the corridors, no matter what unit, or what's facing... it's basically done for.

    Am I missing something really fundamentally obvious?

    I've tried throwing everything at two corridors and then using the third to sneak round back and I'm still not getting anywhere.

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    Default Re: Village attacks unbalanced?

    Minor Settlements are (somewhat paradoxically) much harder to take than actual cities due to their condensed layout and beefy garrisons. Depending on the map, there are a couple of things you can do to even the odds:

    * Agricultural settlements have an abundance of polearm units with no shields. They will usually deploy in front of their ranged support. You can therefore put your own ranged troops at the front of your attack groups to shoot at them while only taking return fire from the towers.
    * Industrial garrisons have no polearms. If you have shock cavalry, make use of them to hammer through the swordsmen. They don't break easily, but if you follow with your own infantry quickly, you can overwhelm them.
    * Use loose formation and shieldwalls to waste enemy ammunition before the main engagement begins.
    * Burn down towers if you have access to fire arrows. They burn very quickly.
    * Minor settlements don't have huge stores like cities. Their garrisons will start taking attrition damage almost immediately if put under siege. The siege escalation will also start damaging the towers.
    * Use forests to hide ambushing troops. Have some sturdier units like Jian Swordguard engage at one entrance, then spring some lighter troops or cavalry out of the woods towards another. The enemy will likely commit heavily to the areas that are already fighting, leaving room for you to blitz alternate entrances.
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