I wanted to report a possible bug with EBII required minimum soldiers remaining in the general's bodyguard. This may just be a medieval 2 inherent bug, but I've never encountered it before in my years of playing this as well as Rome 1 so thought I'd post about it here.

I invaded Segestica as the Boii and won the battle, but in a glorious and very close fight, and my general had his bodyguard die down to a man. Only he survived. After the battle, it showed him winning and then after I chose to occupy the city, it played the general death sound and said he "died peacefully" on my family tree. This seems to me to be a strange bug.

Just to assuage any confusion, I am 100% certain the general survived the battle. He was alive after the fight, I watched very carefully during the fight, and as further proof my family tree did not say he died in battle; it said he "died peacefully".

Anyway, I'm just gonna restart and auto-win myself a re-battle to continue the campaign, not a big deal, but wanted to report this bug in case the team was not aware.

Thank you and have a great night.