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Thread: Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018-2019 - Awards Ceremony Feast!

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    Default Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018-2019 - Awards Ceremony Feast!

    Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018-2019
    The Awards Ceremony Feast

    The imps were putting up the last of the decorations in the domed entrance hall when the first guests started to arrive. Under Alwyn's guidance the imps finished their work before skittering from the scene while Caillagh welcomed the arrivals. The Hall looked very sparkly, dark blue and silver ribbons draped around the golden chandelier that hung from the ceiling, its numerous candles reflecting on the polished floors. At the end of the room, at the stage where the Writers' Study Staff would be seated, Turkafinwe had gathered a number of imps around him. Turk listened to their enthusiastic chittering as each of them received their special assignment. Turk was interrupted when Caillagh approached him telling him that the Ceremony could begin.

    Members of the Writers' Study, Writers' Study Staff, writers and visitors alike welcome to the Writers' Study Yearly Awards Ceremony! Snacks and drinks will be provided for you by our beloved imps during the event so you won't grow hungry nor thirsty during the ceremony.

    As if to hammer the point home, an imp scurried over to Turkafinwë and handed him a gilded tankard, a dark amber liquid with some froth on the top for its content. Turkafinwë thanked the imp with a nod, took a sip and sighed in contentment while everyone started choosing their own beverages. Alwyn and Caillagh, in their blue robes with red lining were discussing what they were going to have while Turk repositioned his fancy hat and nervously straightened the stack of papers in front of him. A few minutes passed with orders being placed and imps skittering around. Once silence descended the crowd looked anticipatingly towards the front table where the Writers' Study Staff was seated. Turkafinwë looked up and saw everyone looking at him. He cleared his throat.

    Another year has passed having brought many new faces to the Writers' Study as well as the staunch old guard continuing to provide us with wonderful content. This content was greatly represented in all categories this year with 5 candidates for Best Newcomer, Creative Writing of the Year having a whopping 10 submissions and AAR of the Year no less than 12 submissions! Today we wish to honour all those who have contributed greatly to the Writers' Study this year and our gratitude goes out to all who continue to contribute to this wonderful community. Turk took another sip from his tankard.

    The Writers' Study would be less if new blood did not join our ranks. For this we grant the award of Best Newcomer to the one who has contributed most to the Writers' Study, having started contributing to the Writers' Study during this year. This year the award of Best Newcomer goes to a person we all know, the writer of a gigantic task of an AAR, someone who is always in for a laugh and a strong supporter of many a writer! This year's award for Best Newcomer goes to Derc!

    A round of applause commenced echoing nicely in the domed hall, the vibrations shaking the chandelier slightly. Turk handed over a scroll to one of the imps lined up next to him and pointed somewhere in the room after which the little fellow skittered towards Derc. Derc receives 4 WS Competition points for his well-earned achievement bringing his total to 13 earning him a silver Writers' Study competition medal.

    Naturally we don't only celebrate the newcomers to our fold but also the old scribblers who have been with us for a great time. Let us start with the awards for Creative Writing of the Year. After a suspenseful tie-break for not only third but second place as well, here are the final results.

    Turkafinwë rummaged through his papers till he finally found the right one, two small blue hands assisting in the search. It was a little bit inkstained but nothing remained clean for long in the close vicinity of the imps. Thankfully it was still readable.

    In third place we have a tale set in the fantasy world of Bitenis, a tale of war, intrigue and immersive characters, Words of the Forgotten by Admiral Van Tromp!

    Applause for Admiral Van Tromp arose as Turk handed a scroll with a bronze-coloured stamp, bearing the quill of the Writers' Study, to another of the imps. Admiral Van Tromp receives 2 WS competition points for his third place victory bringing his total to 19 points.

    In second place we have a short but impactful tale of a man's thoughts and decisions after finally finding the mythological Fountain of Life. This year second place Creative Writing of the Year is Memories beside the Fountain of Life by C-Beams!

    Another round of applause rocked the chandelier while a scroll with a silver stamp found its way to C-Beams. For second place in Creative Writing of the Year, C-Beams receives 3 WS competition points bringing his total to 6, earning him a bronze WS competition medal.

    And in first place, with a riveting retrospective of his own experiences in the Writers' Study past and present, a tale which captures a melancholic and ultimately optimistic feeling, Change by Swaeft!

    A fancy scroll bearing a golden quill would go to Swaeft if Turk could only find it. Slightly stressing Turk tried to search for the piece of paper. It had just been here a moment ago he thought. Glancing across the room he saw that Swaeft already was in possession of the scroll, an imp grinning mischieviously to the front table before vanishing in the crowd. A bit taken aback, Turk tried to compose himself, taking another swig of his drink, feeling that the tankard was half-empty. Swaeft earns 4 WS competition points for his victory bringing his total number of points to 17 points.

    Last but not least we come to our final category, the AAR of the Year, a competition that's always filled to the brim with great submissions, with a tie-break deciding third place. These are the results.

    In third place we have the tale of the Northern Dúnedain and their rise in Middle-Earth, To earn a Kingdom by Turkafinwë. For third place Turk receives 2 WS competition points bringing his total to 6 points earning him a bronze medal.

    In second place we get the ambitious tale of Mun'at and the far deserts of Arabia. A tale of intrigue, wonderful sceneries and deep characters. For his second place victory with Written in Sand, Kilo11 earns 3 Writers' Study competition points bringing his total to 26 points earning him a gold WS competition medal.

    The winner of AAR of the Year is Toutatis Favours the Brave by Welsh Dragon. This is the tale of Boduagnatos, Chieftain of the Nervii who, after hearing a prophecy of doom, tries to unite the various tribes of Gaul to face the coming peril. Welsh Dragon receives 4 WS competition points for winning AAR of the Year bringing his total to 20 points.

    The winners each received their respective scrolls and Turk made sure there were no more shenanigans from the imps. The distribution went smoothly and once the clamour of chittering and giggling imps and members congratulating each other died down Turkafinwë addressed the crowd one last time.

    Those are the results of this year's Writers' Study Yearly Awards but the fun doesn't end here. If you would follow me into the Dining Hall, the Staff and imps have prepared a special evening of eating, singing and dancing to celebrate this great occasion!

    As everyone started to enter the Dining Hall trying to find seats, conversing happily, Turk noticed his tankard was empty. How did that happen he thought. Then he looked at the imp who had stood closest to him and saw he was swaying a bit with a big grin on its face. Turk looked disapprovingly as the imp stumbled away with his giggling friends and shook his head suppressing a smile. Turk quickly ordered a refill as he sat himself next to Alwyn, relieved the presentation was over and the feast could begin in earnest.

    A big thank you to all those who participated in the Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018-2019 be they those who nominated or those who voted! Congratulations to the nominees and the winners of this year's competition!
    A special thanks to everyone that posted their work in the WS during this year, the Writers' Study would be nothing without your steadfast support! Thank you!

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    Default Re: Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018-2019 - Awards Ceremony Feast!

    Congratulations to everyone who were nominated and to our winners, I'll raise a glass to all of you!

    Thanks to Turkafinwë for hosting our 2018/19 Yearly Awards, for keeping a firm eye on the Writers' Study imps (there's always one who manages to get away with something !) and for the enjoyable Awards Ceremony!

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    Default Re: Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018-2019 - Awards Ceremony Feast!

    Congratulations to my fellow writers, and thank you to everyone!

    I hope I can find more time to write (and read) around theses parts in 2020.

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    Default Re: Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018-2019 - Awards Ceremony Feast!

    Congrats to all the winners and nominees! Lots and lots of very very good stuff to read all around!

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    Default Re: Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018-2019 - Awards Ceremony Feast!

    Congratulations to the winners and to everyone who was nominated!

    And, as Turk has already said, thank you to everyone who posted writing in the WS this year, and to everyone who nominated or voted in this competition - and especially to Turk for running the Yearly Awards for us!

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    Default Re: Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018-2019 - Awards Ceremony Feast!

    Congratulations to all the winners and nominees.

    And thank you everyone who voted, especially those who voted for Toutatis Favours The Brave.

    I know I haven't been as active on the writing front in recent months (health, medical appointments and college have kept me busy and not allowed me the time or energy to write as much as I'd like,) but I'm honoured my work has been chosen as AAR of the year. It's nearly two and a half years since I started the journey of Boduognatus and the Nervii, so the fact that people still come back to read new chapters (or reread old ones,) encourages me to continue their tale. I hope to have something new for you all in the near future.

    Finally I'll just say to all my fellow writers or those considering dipping their toe or taking the plunge, don't give up! Writing can at times be a hard and solitary pastime, but it can also be one of the most rewarding things you can do. And there's a community of readers in Total War Centre who are already waiting to read your words, they just don't know it yet.

    All the Best,

    Welsh Dragon.

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    Default Re: Writers' Study Yearly Awards 2018-2019 - Awards Ceremony Feast!

    Congratulations guys, and thanks for voting! I am humbled indeed, and I am heartened to see the many different winners and nominations. It's been a good year for the WS I believe, everyone here is friendly and encouraging. On to the next, and thanks to the WS Staff for organizing this!

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