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Thread: How to change Crimea's military group?

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    Default How to change Crimea's military group?

    I've been attempting to create a packfile that changes the Crimean Khanate from a European faction in the Russia/Poland group to a Middle Eastern faction in the Ottoman group, so that Crimea gets an Ottoman unit roster instead of their minimalist European one. However I have been unable to get my mod to work. Can anyone help me find out what I'm doing wrong or explain how to properly change their faction group?

    Steps I Used:
    1. Changed the Crimean Khanate's military group in the factions table to be ottoman_group instead of poland_russia_group.
    2. Created an entry in unit_to_exclusive_faction_permissions to give Azzars to the Crimean Khanate (to test if the mod was working)
    3. Deleted all unchanged entries in factions and unit_to_exclusive_faction_permissions.
    4. Gave both modded tables a unique prefix.
    5. Saved the packfile and placed it into the data folder.

    When I load the game using Empire: Total Factions, they still have only Cossack Infantry and the Azzars I enabled don't even show up in the tech tree for their barracks or government building.

    Any help would be much appreciated, and solving this issue would help me modify other factions as needed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: How to change Crimea's military group?

    Welcome to TWC, Lockehart!

    Here is a list of basic 'how to' tutorials for a new modder.
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