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    The campaign really isn't that easy. I am at war with four factions and I have to face heavy battles especially on the eastern border. I was able to defeat the Hiamyar in a great battle near Emesa, but now they are besieging Gaza and Bostra. The Sassanids send several strong armies against Arsamosata and besiege Edessa. Emperor Maurikios advances to relieve them, his son Jovinus is on the defensive in Armenia.

    In the west the Greuthungi advance again. There I was able to recapture Hadrianopolis from the rebels. But I don't have any significant armed forces in the European part. My financial situation eased slightly after I was able to disband some troops. Should the barbarians invade my empire again, I would either have to withdraw troops from the eastern front and send them west. Or let the barbarians plunder and wait until they leave again...

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    you first need to build ports, roads together with some mines
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    I didn't notice page 6, sorry guys.
    Meanwhile, the expansion of the 2 Roma factions with 2 provinces, ln, Western Empire Savia Province, Emona Large Town and Eastern Empire Armania Maior Province, Melitene Large Town.

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