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Thread: Events/Dilemma ordering.

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    Default Events/Dilemma ordering.

    So I created a mod to make all the legendary characters to join the faction I am playing, but they are joining in random order even though I ordered them properly in the mod pack.


    3k_main_historical_cao_sima_yi_npc_incident CND_FIRST_ROUND 1
    3k_main_char_historical_zhou_yu_spawns_incident CND_FIRST_ROUND 2
    3k_main_historical_liu_zhuge_liang_npc_incident CND_FIRST_ROUND 3
    3k_main_historical_liu_zhao_yun_joins_pc_incident CND_FIRST_ROUND 4

    Along with their proper options like CND_CATEGORY_ROUNDS_TILL_NEXT, CND_LAST_ROUND, CND_FACTION, VAR_CHANCE, etc.

    They are working properly and they join my faction BUT they join in random order.
    Any ideas how to fix it? Thanks!

    Also how can I make events/dilemmas occur more than one per turn?
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