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    UNREAL is a balancing mod series that radically changes how combat feels. It tries to strike a balance between arcadey style combat and tactical warfare. The mod has gone through several iterations, the first one was fairly basic. As of now, it more along the lines of EU4 and Paradox games with many % modifiers; flat buffs are rare and are quite powerful as a result. REDACTED! This mod series is now going back to basics with some of the features being rolled in. This is now legacy version. This still a WIP in progress at the moment.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    - AP is no longer a factor. The only AP weapons are magic.
    - Multiple HP for mounts (you have to kill the mount and rider). Also applies to heavily armored units (1 HP per 15 armour)
    - Weapon damage (stat_pri and stat_sec) is based on morale and morale type (low, normal, etc), as well as race (for fantasy), culture and faction.
    - Charge bonus is based on weapon, it's primacy, the mount and the mass of the unit (every 1 unit mass equals +1 charge bonus) as well as race, culture and faction.
    - Armour is now of more importance; now longer will peasant archers (unless they happen to be elves or an archer focused faction), will present a threat to heavily armoured units. What will, however, is gunpowder and crossbows.
    - Unit size is based on many factors. Their armour value, how much morale value the unit has, what it's morale type, how they're trained, what faction, culture, or race the unit is a part of.
    - Ranged missiles now have different projectiles for morale, race, and culture. These effect accuracy.
    - Unit speed (move_speed_mod) is affected by mass, race, culture, and faction.
    - Def skill is simply morale value and the morale type, as well as race, culture and faction.

    Weapon stats table:

    Beta V0.6 DL Link:

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