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Thread: Mod Proposal: Dragon Ball Z Total War

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    Icon2 Mod Proposal: Dragon Ball Z Total War

    So I was thinking about possible incorporating the DBZ universe into Total War.

    Proposed Factions:

    SAIYANS (Vassal of Cold Force)

    - Faction Leader: King Vegeta III

    - Faction Heir: Prince Vegeta IV

    - Generals: Nappa, Bardock, Bardock's Squadmates, Turles, Raditz?


    - Saiyan Warriors
    - Saiyan Elite Warriors
    - Saiyan Snipers (From DBS: Broly Movie. Brief scene where Frieza takes them out from their towers)
    - Elite Palace Guard
    - Oozaru (Great Apes, basically like elephants running over everyone)
    - Saibamen

    Leader: King Cold
    Heir: Frieza
    Generals: Zarbon, Dodoria, Ginyu Force members, Cui, Appule, Abo & Cado, lots of Frieza Henchmen that I can't remember off the top of my head

    - Common Soldiers
    - Elite Soldiers
    - Cui's Race soldiers, Appule's Race soldiers, Bird race soldiers (from when Vegeta searched for Kakarot in space), etc.

    COOLER FORCE (Ally of Cold Force, or part of Cold Force faction)

    Leader: Cooler
    Generals: Cooler's henchmen from the movie
    - Maybe have Paragus as a Rebel commander
    - Could have some remnants of the Truffles still clinging onto small territories on Planet Vegeta.


    Faction Leader: Guru
    Heir/General: Nail

    - Namekian Warriors (commoners, warriors, elite warriors, etc.)
    - Shapeshift

    Leader: Commander Red
    Heir: Dr. Gero (Android 20)
    Generals: Not too familiar with RR from Dragon Ball (not Z), but lots of baddies in that timelineUnits:
    - building chain that eventually lets you construct facilities to make Android 17, 18, etc.

    - Master Roshi, Yamcha, Tien, Kakarot (not yet of age), Farmer with a shogun, etc.
    - Earth foot soldiers, Martial Artists (like from Tien's dojo)
    - Capsule Corps Mercs
    - Trunks in a time machine event?

    GODS (cause why not):
    - Beerus (5000 atk and def)
    - Whis (9000 atk and def)

    Instead of having bodyguards, generals can be one man units, with high attack and defence. To represent the planets, landmasses could represent Planets, and the sea representing space. So, basically, instead of recruiting ships, you recruit spaceships that let you leave the planet and travel to other planets. Units with Ki Blasts could be like naffatun, but they throw ki blasts instead of bombs.

    Now, before you immediately dismiss the idea, keep in mind that there is a WWII mod out for RTW. So anything's possible if there are knowledgable modders willing to go the extra mile. It may not be the best representation of a DBZ fight (since everyone can fly) but it would still be entertaining and fun (and funny). What do you guys think?

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    I am closing this thread due for being a duplicate and here is the other thread. Please use that thread. Thanks.
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