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Thread: Units from other mods

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    Default Units from other mods

    Hi all,

    I tried NTW III the other and ran into a few problems with it, either from me installing it badly or another reason, and have decided to return to LME 4.

    But what i did really enjoy was the huge number of units NTW III has, so the question is there a way to port over some of those units to LME?


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    Default Re: Units from other mods

    If the units from different mods have different names (internal name, not just the displayed name), you could have them at the same time. If they have different names, then you have potential conflicts.
    However, are the units from both mods compatible? If they are based on different stats, with different views from the modders, this would probably create a lot of blaance issue, and so a lot of work to port it correctly.
    If they have the same kind of stats/gameplay, you can port the units relatively easily.

    This answer is just about technical feasbility, not taking account permission from the authors.

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