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    So i want to be a modder and i started to creating a unit and well it just dienst work.
    My Problem is i cant see the mistake i made( i made a mistake 100 percent but i dunno whats wrong cause iam not experienced in this kind off stuff).
    So iam really desperate right now cause i cant find the mistake.
    I made it with the unit Template from Sebidee.
    I will post this Link so somebody experienced can look over it.
    My Problem is that when i want to join warhammer 2 its crashing in the load screen so something is wrong with my thing.
    Hopefully anyone can find my mistake tho.
    Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Modding Problems

    What editor are you using?
    I opened your pack with RPFM. Land_units table, the "Short description text" is in red. You used "las_lzd_lizardmen_of_honour", but in theunit_description_short_texts_tables it's "lizardmen_of_honour" wtihout the las_

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    Default Re: Modding Problems

    Thread moved from the WH2 Battle Map Modifications forum.
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