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Thread: Sandel's Sakers and Demi cannons retexture

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    Default Sandel's Sakers and Demi cannons retexture

    I couldn't find anything like this in here so I decided to try to make it myself...

    This mod replaces the Demi cannons and saker texture. It's a movie file so simply drop it to your empire data folder.

    I still like to play vanilla empire and I always hated the demi cannon textures. These cannons are your only option in early campaign games. I will also often use them to the end of the game, because they have levelled up. So i made some changes to them:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    So the barrel is now black and the carriage is gray. It's not perfect but it looks better. (at least for me...)

    It's my first mod so don't be too harsh.

    The file can be found in the download section: HERE

    I wonder howcome no one has done this before to the cannons. If people like this, I may do some other color variants too.

    Also since i'm not a perfect modder i only used the texture files. If anyone wan't to give me more guides or tips, feel free to.

    And also, I have a large collection of minor mods for the bayonets, drums, spoontools, no packbags etc... I always wanted to make a minor mod collection for vanilla empire, since many of the mods and original creators have vanished here. Since it's too difficult now to ask permission for all of them, I wonder what should I do? Suggestions are welcome.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

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    Default Re: Sandel's Sakers and Demi cannons retexture

    Nice to see that still mods are developed for ETW! The reskin looks very nice!

    Regarding the small mods - I think it is ok to upload them again and open up a new thread when you give full credit to the original creators. They surely want that people play with their mods and sadly, the biggest annoyance are the often dead download links.

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    Default Re: Sandel's Sakers and Demi cannons retexture

    Thanks Primergy for your kind words. The biggest reason that I still like to play Empire is because I really love the time period and there is no game like this.

    I have tried many overhaul mods over the years like IS, Darth, Destroyer and they are very nice and many of them give something special. The problem however is that sometimes the outcome is not what you like. I still like to use my own choosing so that is why I like mini mods. And the biggest problem is that many splendid mini mods have disapeared here or they are really difficult to find.

    There really is no list where you can quicly find what you want.

    Empire TW Definitive edition came out, but included nothing new but name so i got the idea to realease series of minimods. Also to preserve the hard work many modders did.

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