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Thread: CTD on loading any save game

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    Default CTD on loading any save game

    Playing as Hungary, I believe i was on turn 11.
    It's a weird one, too. It kind of "advanced" over time:
    • First it crashed while I was fighting rebels during their turn.
    • Then when i loaded the manual save that i had made before the battle, it crashed while it zoomed into where the battle would take place
    • Then it crashed as soon as the save loaded
    • Then it crashed as it loaded
    • So i switched to the Autosave and it loaded once, but crashed as soon as the rebels' turn began
    • Then it crashed when i tried to load it again
    • Same thing happened with the quicksave.

    Also if i tried to save whatsoever during all of this, it would crash
    right now all saves are crashing as soon as the loading screen pops up

    Report: system.log.txt

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    Default Re: CTD on loading any save game

    Maybe you should delete the saved game and play another campaign.

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