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    The Return of The King

    Every Campaign need some of Flavor every time i came back to it, so i tweaked Northern Dunedain a little( maybe more than a little ) so to make my RP gameplay flourish and i can send Aragorn to his quests only with his Bodyguards unit without an army of 17 units to protect him from Rebels then it expanded till this submod is found , i shall continue developing this submod and adding more tweaks according to my personal tastes and Fair Criticize, everything is very Stable and only will affect on ND Faction ( but you need to Backup your files so,,), but beware only try this if you are playing as Dunedain or you will end with Aragorn unit Conquering the entire map ( its Return of The King Right ?)

    Instructions: (this is intended for DAC V3, it may/not work for any versions)
    -before anything back up your "Worlds Folder inside third age/data" and "third age/export_descr_unit" or simply back up all your mod folder
    -simply copy paste files in the "third Age" mod folder overwrite files
    note: if no overwrite screen pop up then you screwed things up

    changelog: (v0.1)
    -Imortal Aragorn unit "he can kill 3 trolls units now by himself"
    -More money(Starting and Kings Purse) and population(Slightly more) to the Norther Dunedain faction
    -More Starting units but replenishment is the same
    -tweaked units to be more "Survival" bec its harsh time in the North you will have war in three sides by turn 10-20
    -more Tweaks on my personal taste
    -if you loss all your villages dont worry , you will become RANGERs HORDE

    Future Development:
    -Hybrdize Wardens and Rangers Unit if Possible
    -Tweak Cavalry and Replenishment
    -make starting more challenging
    -tweak kings purse and spoils according to feedback
    -add/change ND Rosters with AOR

    Enjoy M.A.E
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