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Thread: [TESTW] 2.0.2 RELEASED - DOWNLOAD LINKS! (released 20th March 2021)

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    Default Re: DOWNLOAD LINKS - The Elder Scrolls: Total War 2.0 has been released!

    Quote Originally Posted by DaedraWarrior View Post
    Patch 2.0.1 for TESTW 2.0. Download and copy fules into the nod folder, overwrite the existing files. You NEED to start the new campaign for this to work.
    - All fixes from unofficial patches by Gigantius included
    - Fixed crashes during loading battles with some custom characters, like Tullius
    - Fixed battlemaps of Whiterun and Markarth in campaign
    - Missing textures for some units were fixed
    - Clockwork City script now works properly
    - House Sadras characters are now using dunmer voice
    - Some bosmer units moral was upgraded
    - Added Silt-strader resource on campaign map
    - Reachmen script now works properly
    - Some minor script fixes
    - Fixed models of Martin Septim and Champion of Cyrodiil
    - Galmar model fixed
    - Lots of minor fixes and changes

    Download link - Google Drive
    Tip - if you change only the sound TXT files (no change in referenced files) then simply provide zero byte IDX and DAT files, that will force the game to generate new files. I used that method in my 'Fixes' installer. It's also the reason why I provide all custom sound files in my mods, replacing sound files then doesn't require to upload a huge music.dat file for example.

    I have updated my Fixes post to link now to this patch.

    Important: the step to set the launcher to disable the AI before installing the patch still applies: else the campaign scripts containing it will be mixed up

    1. Start the TESTW launcher and make sure the 'Disable ReallyBadAI' tickbox is unchecked, then save and exit from the launcher.
    2. Place the RAR file into the medieval ii total war folder, right click it and use the 'extract here' command of your extraction application (WinRAR, 7Zip etc)

    Spoiler for launcher pic

    Quote Originally Posted by stevietheconquer View Post
    just a little note: i found a portrait of an general(portrait 034) in the eastern_european culture who is really big,size 173/242 while it schould be 69/96 ,maybe he can give a ctd if you got him.

    thank you for this great work!
    Good find - it will cause a crash as soon a unit will be attached to him, varying unit size pics cause a crash.
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