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Thread: [TESTW] 2.0.2 RELEASED - DOWNLOAD LINKS! (released 20th March 2021)

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    Default Re: DOWNLOAD LINKS - The Elder Scrolls: Total War 2.0 has been released!

    Quote Originally Posted by DaedraWarrior View Post
    Patch 2.0.1 for TESTW 2.0. Download and copy fules into the nod folder, overwrite the existing files. You NEED to start the new campaign for this to work.
    - All fixes from unofficial patches by Gigantius included
    - Fixed crashes during loading battles with some custom characters, like Tullius
    - Fixed battlemaps of Whiterun and Markarth in campaign
    - Missing textures for some units were fixed
    - Clockwork City script now works properly
    - House Sadras characters are now using dunmer voice
    - Some bosmer units moral was upgraded
    - Added Silt-strader resource on campaign map
    - Reachmen script now works properly
    - Some minor script fixes
    - Fixed models of Martin Septim and Champion of Cyrodiil
    - Galmar model fixed
    - Lots of minor fixes and changes

    Download link - Google Drive
    Tip - if you change only the sound TXT files (no change in referenced files) then simply provide zero byte IDX and DAT files, that will force the game to generate new files. I used that method in my 'Fixes' installer. It's also the reason why I provide all custom sound files in my mods, replacing sound files then doesn't require to upload a huge music.dat file for example.

    I have updated my Fixes post to link now to this patch.

    Important: the step to set the launcher to disable the AI before installing the patch still applies: else the campaign scripts containing it will be mixed up

    1. Start the TESTW launcher and make sure the 'Disable ReallyBadAI' tickbox is unchecked, then save and exit from the launcher.
    2. Place the RAR file into the medieval ii total war folder, right click it and use the 'extract here' command of your extraction application (WinRAR, 7Zip etc)

    Spoiler for launcher pic

    Quote Originally Posted by stevietheconquer View Post
    just a little note: i found a portrait of an general(portrait 034) in the eastern_european culture who is really big,size 173/242 while it schould be 69/96 ,maybe he can give a ctd if you got him.

    thank you for this great work!
    Good find - it will cause a crash as soon a unit will be attached to him, varying unit size pics cause a crash.
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    Default Re: DOWNLOAD LINKS - The Elder Scrolls: Total War 2.0 has been released!

    Great work guys

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    Default Re: DOWNLOAD LINKS - The Elder Scrolls: Total War 2.0 has been released!

    Congratulations on the beautiful mod!
    Your team has done an excellent job!
    In the "CYRODIIL EMPIRE" faction, will you add archery units to Townguard and Light Legionary in the future?

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    Default Re: DOWNLOAD LINKS - The Elder Scrolls: Total War 2.0 has been released!

    Haven't tried it out proper yet, but installed this new version last night and browsed some custom battle options and the first few turns of a campaign or two. Looks incredible. Great work on the Stormcloak faction, they look/vibe very different than the other Skyrim faction, just great. Also House Sadras looks slick, I think I may give them a go this week. 4th Era map is just wonderful work. I love the crater from Baar Dau and the ash-covered Vvardenfell.

    Mage diversity amongst many factions is most welcome and was needed for balance; thank you!

    I am wondering what work it will take for Jadli and I to convert/merge some of our files with this update, if at all possible. Mostly I'd want to get the updated Ashlanders into the mod with Daedric worship and the Shornhelm faction inserted for both eras too.
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    Default Re: DOWNLOAD LINKS - The Elder Scrolls: Total War 2.0 has been released!

    TES TW 2.0 archieved a 2nd place in the modding awards! Congratulations

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    Default Re: [TESTW]DOWNLOAD LINKS - 2.0.2 TES:TW has been released!

    (posting this for DaedraWarrior and Lord Nazgul from TES TW)

    New standalone version 2.0.2 The Elder Scrolls: Total War, titles as the King and Crusader, has been released on the sixth anniversary of the mod!

    See the preview - LINK

    Donwload 2.0.2 - LINK


    - Fixed a lot of bugs. Added a lot of new bugs
    - Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the reinforcement interface in battles
    - Fixed a bug with incorrect display of fire effects in battles
    - Fixed a bug where the AI and the player could walk through walls while sieging some settlements of Morrowind culture
    - Fixed a bug with incorrect display of the Bran and Madanach models
    - Fixed bugs related to the mercenary army of the Clockwork City

    - Changed skin textures for all models of the Black Marsh Clans faction
    - Changed models of Syffim with Nodachi, Syffim with Naginata and Syffim with Yumi
    - Changed textures for the models of Wayrest Town Guard, Wayrest Guard and Knights of the Rose units
    - Replaced the models of the elite units of the Aldmeri Dominion
    - Optimized models and textures of the Imperial City
    - Optimized textures for Altmer settlements
    - Replaced models of Knights of the Circle and Knights of Iron
    - Replaced models of Skyrim warriors in heavy armor and Skaals with high quality counterparts from Morrowind: Total War by *** Geroj ***
    - Changed the textures of the Blades
    - Added fortress models for Skyrim and Stormcloaks on the stratmap
    - Changed the model of the general for Aldmeri Dominion and Orsinium
    - Fixed issue with weapons of orc archers
    - Changed the tower model for Orsinium on the stratmap

    - Changed Aldmeri Dominion banner
    - Replaced portraits of Janus Hassildor, Martin Septim and Lleril Morvayn
    - Minor interface fixes

    - Added two new mercenary armies - Order of the Nine for the Empire and Clan of Crowns and Host of Umaril for the Aldmeri Dominion and Valenwood
    - Wayrest AI is now more active on the stratmap
    - Fixed bug with road buildings for Whiterun
    - Royal Guard of Morrowind can now replenish their numbers
    - Military reform of the Empire is now proposed on the first or second turns to avoid bugs
    - Removed free upkeep in forts
    - The Stormcloaks no longer change their attitude towards the factions of the Imperial Cult, depending on the construction of chapels and attacks on co-religionists
    - AI is less likely to betray its allies now
    - Changed the color of the Aldmeri Dominion on the map

    - Increased morale for most units
    - Fixed indicators of defence for most mages units
    - All spearmen units got correct weapon types in EDU instead of "crude"
    - Fixed stats of Ice-Veins and Stormcloak Soldiers - archers
    - Snow-Hammers stats fixed
    - Changed stats of tier 1 Aldmeri Dominion archers

    - Changed the voice lines of the Sixth House
    - Removed French accent from Orcs in battle
    - Added voice lines for Skyrim units and Stormcloaks
    - Bretons were given voiceovers for the English accent from the original game on a stratmap
    - Changed the music of the Redguards, Khajiit and Nords factions

    - Improved the readability of the text in the Empire and Dominion interface
    - Corrected the names of the Stormcloaks units in the English localization
    - Elite Altmeri unit names have been changed to Royal Chosen
    - Minor fixes in both Russian and English versions of the mod

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    Default Re: [TESTW] 2.0.2 RELEASED - DOWNLOAD LINKS! (released 20th March 2021)

    I have a problem where I can't start a campaign because it says "select an item from the list". I only downloaded the standalone version and followed the install instructions

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    Default Re: [TESTW] 2.0.2 RELEASED - DOWNLOAD LINKS! (released 20th March 2021)

    Hey, it seems you must be missing some files, I suggest to reinstall, make sure to follow all the installation instructions correctly, and see the tips in moddb thread

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