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Thread: Steam installation of DeI

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    Default Steam installation of DeI

    Dear Dresden, dear all,

    I have bought Rome II some years ago and never gave it a try. Anyway, I never gave a try to the official version but only to mods since I first played TW with M-TW. So I have a legitimate Steam version of R2-TW and tries to understand how to install DeI in its latest version (1.25a) which seems to be a mod that is exactly the type I love, based on history.

    But when I read the "Installation FAQ", I have the following:

    "Installation instructions
    Use only ONE of these versions, NOT both:

    Steam Version
    All 3 parts are needed to play the game! Be sure that you have all of them downloaded.
    1. Subscribe to the parts in Steam Workshop.
    2. Start Rome II and be sure all six are checked green in the Mod Manager (they should by default).
    3. Play the game.

    So I don't understand whether I have rightly installed DeI as when I push the pay button, there is a window telling me that UI have the following Mods (plural) installed: "Divide et Impera Part 1", "Divide et Impera Part 2", "Divide et Impera Part 3", no mention of further Mods beyong 3 to 6.

    When I start the game, the frontpage is noted Divide et Impera, but it shows version 2.4.0, and I don't know whether I have to click the "Mod" button that appear. And as I wanted to play the Saka Rauka, in Grand campaign, I do not see tham appearing.

    Do I have to buy the DLCs to play DeI?

    Thank you in advance,


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    Default Re: Steam installation of DeI

    The packs are 3 not 6.
    They were 6 months ago, probably Dresden forgot to edit the text
    version 2.4.0: if it is the upper right number then it has a lot numbers more and it is CA vanilla version, not DeI's.
    There is no in-game DeI version anywhere.

    yes, you need a DLC for that, check here

    last thing, you should revert to the old manager (otherwise it may bug some things)
    Go to Rome 2 on STEAM/Right click/Properties/Betas/Select the beta you would like to use/launcher_release_canditate.

    so, it seems to me you have done everything correctly, you can play without issues

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