Clouds over Europe is hosted mod on here, but it was left incomplete by the original modder about 10 years ago.

Gigantus has done a splendid job of making it playable under Steam and compatible with the steam version of the game .exe.
And fixing certain important issues.

Having played it it's quite enjoyable adds a few new factions but doesn't mess around too much with the original game.
Apart from the odd inexplicable CTD, it's stable and playable.

Playing it noticed there's still room for minor improvements (nothing major) which I'm currently testing out.

see thread here :

I'm not proposing anything drastic, we should honour the intentions of the original modder, so no new units, factions or changes to the map regions etc.

Some of the newer units lack proper unit cards etc and there may be other graphical tweaks that are needed.

I'm doing those things I know how to do but that's all text based.
if you can drop into the mod thread and announce yourself as willing to help with the graphics that would be appreciated.

I've not released any tweaks yet, but I'm hopeful that I'll have something that's usable soon.