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Thread: Battle Animations

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    Default Battle Animations

    Just an honest question, are there any plans for future animations for units in battle?

    I know that most of the vanilla ones were removed due to bugs and problems on the animations, but I'm a bit tired of seing the same old animations, especially when the soldiers die. Still, I can live with it if there aren't, just would like to know.

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    Default Re: Battle Animations

    No one currently in the team has the skills (or patience) to create new animations, so no.

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    Default Re: Battle Animations

    That would be cool to see but I don't think it should be a priority over improving existing units and fleshing out the rest of the roster with new ones. The changes to Iberian factions and Iberian AOR units and mercenaries is really exciting considering the latest stuff on the Twitter feed.

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    Default Re: Battle Animations

    Quote Originally Posted by QuintusSertorius View Post
    No one currently in the team has the skills (or patience) to create new animations, so no.
    Indeed, it is very difficult, I tried to learn but gave up after a while.
    Hopefully someone will eventually create new ones to add more variety x)

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    Default Re: Battle Animations

    Am I the only one that prefers the new (old RTW, really) animations? I like how soldiers now tend to drop like a sack of potatoes when killed, as opposed to the overly long and frequently buggy vanilla M2TW animations.
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    Default Re: Battle Animations

    Animations interest me and, one day, I may try to teach myself how to create custom ones. I wonder though how much of a performance impact there would be adding more animations?

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    Default Re: Battle Animations

    No performance impact really, the textures and models are rendered already, all that's happening is that they're moving a little bit more, since only a file needs to be loaded into the animation system.

    The animation system is already running, I'd say the length the animation plays is of no performance consequence.
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